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History Can Actually Repeat It’s Self

(Name) is a young man as he has (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, and wears (f/c) shirt and pants with (f/c) shoes and shocks. (Name) was just at the park minding his own business since luck doesn’t seem to be on his side since he lost his job that he worked at for a while, but it went downhill as it went out of business. So (Name) kept on walking till he arrived at the huge water fountain that was out in the middle of the park. (Name) then decides to calm his mind by climbing on the ledge of the fondant and starts to walk on it in going around in circles as it would help calm his mind down, but it doesn’t last long as he loses his balance as he slipped on little wet spot and then he thought he someone scream of him as he falls backwards into the water and felt someone grab his wrist, but was pulled in with (Name). (Name) landed in the water all wet and he gets a better look of the person that tried to help and it was his cousin Misaki Takahashi and standing in front of the fountain was his friend Sumi Keiichi-senpai; and then Misaki said as he sits up all wet and glares at (Name), “Ah geez what were you thinking (Name)?!” “Sorry Misaki, I just got a lot on my mind right now and I didn’t think you’d to get pulled in as well.” (Name) said as they both got out of the fountain soaking wet and Sumi chuckles and said, “I have to say that was pretty funny there.” Misaki sighs and said, “Well since Usagi-san’s place is closer we’ll just have to go there to get your clothes dried off and also tell me of what happened because your usually at work between breaks at school.” (Name) nods his head and then Sumi said, “Well I’ll be seeing you two later.” “Okay and it was nice seeing you again, Sumi-senpai.” (Name) said and Misaki said, “Alright then I’ll see you at school tomorrow, Sumi-senpai.” Sumi-senpai smiles and walks away in heading home and Misaki then leads (Name) to Usagi-san’s place.

It wasn’t long after as they arrive to Usagi-san’s place as they went up the elevator and arrived at the penthouse. Misaki opened the door and said, “I’m home.” “Welcome home, Misaki.” Usagi-san said as he was sitting on the couch having coffee as Misaki and 9name) had taken off their shoes at the door and then (Name) said, “It’s been a while, Usagi-san.” Usagi-san looks in seeing (Name) as he said, “Yes it has been and shouldn’t you be at work.” “(Name)’s job went out of business and so he doesn’t have a job as of right now.” Misaki said and (Name) nods his head and then Usagi-san said, “I see, but why are you too wet.” “Uh well that was my fault I was walking on the fountain at the park and I feel, but Misaki tried to save me as he got pulled in as well.” (Name) said and Usagi-san said, “I see then go take your clothes off and put them in the laundry and you can stay the night since it will be a while till your clothes dry.” “Thank you Usagi-san.” (Name) said and (Name) went up to one of the guest room and take off his clothes there and thankfully Misaki’s clothes fits him as he takes a pair of pajamas and went to go take a shower.

After he took his shower, he heard Misaki said, “(Name) Usagi-san dinner’s ready.” (Name) had put on his pajamas after he had dry himself off and (name) then leaves the bathroom. (Name) walks through the hallway and down the stairs as he arrives to the dining room; Misaki had made (Favorite dinner). (Name) sits between Misaki and Usagi-san as Misaki sit across from Usagi-san and Usagi-san’s huge teddy bear Suzuki sits across from (Name). They put their hands together like they are praying and said, “Itadakimatsu.” They started to eat as Usagi-san said, “(Name) can I ask you of what you are good at doing?” “Uh um I’m good at in keeping things organize, dates, files, whatever, and other stuff kind of like a secretary, but what I did was just keep files and stuff in order for the people in the office.” (Name) said and Usagi-san nods his head as he said, “I see.” They continued to eat as (Name) wondered if he will get a job and then they finished eating dinner as (Name) helps Misaki to clean the dishes, but unaware Usagi-san was making a call to someone. Once the dishes were all cleaned up, (Name) helped Misaki in putting them up, and then when it was all done. (Name) went to the room that he was staying for the night and he sits on the bed in trying to figure out of what to do from here on here. As (Name) continues to think, he then just lies down in bed in getting ready to sleep as it was starting to get late, and (Name) closes his (e/c) eyes in going to sleep. In Usagi-san’s bedroom, Misaki was sleeping with him since (Name) was using his room, and then Misaki said, “If you anything while I’m asleep, I’ll hit you.” “Fine, but also I may have found (Name) a job for him.” Usagi-san as Misaki was surprised and said, “Eh really what is it?” “Well I called Isaka-san about anyone needing a secretary and he told me that…Haruhiko needs one.” Usagi-san said as Misaki said, “Eh?! Are you crazy, Usagi-san?!” “I know and when I told Isaka-san he ignored me and is going to talk to…Haruhiko about it. I’ll ask (Name) about in the morning, but for now. I need to replenish with Misaki.” Before Misaki could react Usagi-san starts to mess with him in making love with him till morning.

~Dream starts as roses starts to bloom all over the screen~
(Name) finds himself in a mall as he was walking around in looking at some the stores as he was walking around, but as he was walking around he hears a familiar voice that he wishes that didn’t want to hear as the person said, “(Name).” (Name) turns around in seeing none other than Haruhiko and (Name) gets scared of him as (Name) then takes off running. Haruhiko smirks and follows after (Name) and (Name) continues to run as fast as he could. (Name) then arrives at the front entrance as he spots his cousin Misaki wearing a yellow chick mascot and the only way in getting in it was into the mouth of it. (Name) looks back in seeing Haruhiko wasn’t behind him and then (Name) runs up to Misaki and said as (Name) then in front of Misaki, “Misaki, Haruhiko is after me again.” “Okay hurry get in, (Name).” Misaki said as (Name) tries to climb in the mouth of it as (Name) was able to get in half way in, but then (Name) felt someone grab his ankles as (Name) was pulled out as (Name) screams and was tossed over someone’s shoulder; it was none other than Haruhiko as he then carries (Name) out of the mall as (Name) struggles as (Name)’s vision then starts to go black as (Name) then passes out.

(Name) opens his (e/c) eyes and finds himself in a familiar room as there was candles lighted all around and (Name) tries to sit up, but to find his wrist tied up above his head on the bed rest. (Name) struggles in trying to get out of it, but it was no use as then the door opens and Haruhiko walks in as he said, “Well Your awake now that’s good to know.” (Name) was scared out of his mind as Haruhiko walks towards him and then climbs on the bed; straddle (Name)’s legs. (Name) was scared out of his as then Haruhiko then down to (Name)’s ear and said as he whispers in a dark husky voice, “You are never leaving my side ever again, (Name), because you are mine~” (Name) was more scared than ever as he couldn’t move or say anything as (Name)’s vision was then covered in darkness in ending the dream.

~End of Dream as the Roses closes in revealing the next part of the screen~
(Name) opens his eyes and immediately sits up in freight as he was panting and covered in sweats, looks around in finding himself still in Misaki’s room, he sighs in relief as he lies back down in bed, and said, “Why did I suddenly remember that from that time?” (Name) then closes his eyes in going back to sleep as he hope that he doesn’t see Haruhiko ever again. (Name) had left Haruhiko because he was too possessive of (Name) and (Name) couldn’t handle it anymore. So he left him, but no matter what whether it was blocking his number, moving to different apartment, or changing his number Haruhiko would manage to get a hold of him in calling him or finding him, but this time he hasn’t heard from Haruhiko for a while. So (Name) thought that Haruhiko finally gave up and is leaving (Name) finally alone.

~Time Skip to the teddy bears covering the screen~
The next morning, (Name) wakes up as he opens his eyes and he then sits up in the bed, and he then gets out of bed as he then makes his bed. (Name) then notices that his clothes on a chair with a note and (Name) goes over to the chair and picks up the note as it read,


Your clothes are done and breakfast is almost done; come on down Usagi-san wants to talk you about something.


(Name) then changes out of his pajamas and puts back on his clothes that were now clean. Once (Name) was all dressed, (Name) leaves the room and heads on down the stairs, then walk into the living room as Misaki was making breakfast, and Usagi-san was sitting on the couch. So (Name) sits across from Usagi-san and then (Name) said, “So what did need to talk about?” “Well after hearing about what you can do and such. I was able to find a job for you.” Usagi-san said and (Name) said as he smiles in excitement, “Huh really what is it?” “A Secretary and you are to meet him at Marukawa Publishing where I work at in making books, but I have a meeting to go to after breakfast in which I don’t want to go to.”  Usagi-san said and Misaki said, “Go do you job and breakfast is ready.” Usagi-san and (Name) get and went to the table; sat down in their seats as Misaki had finished putting food on the table. Misaki then sits down and then they all said, “Itadakimatsu.” They started to eat their breakfast and they don’t say anything one another as (Name) couldn’t wait to start his new job. Once breakfast was over, (Name) helps Misaki to clean the dishes, and once they were done. Usagi-san was ready for work and (Name) was ready to as he was wearing his clothes from yesterday since he had nothing else to wear; then Usagi-san said, “I’ll call you when I get done with my meeting.” “Okay and I’ll text you if I’m going to go shopping or something.” Misaki said and (Name) smiles as Usagi-san said, “I love you, Misaki.” “D-don’t say stuff like that when my cousin is here!” Misaki said as he was blushing across his cheek and the Usagi-san said, “All right, all right, Misaki. See you later.” “S-See you later.” Misaki said and Usagi-san and (Name) left the penthouse and went to Marukawa Publishing. Usagi-san leads (Name) to the car and then they both got as Usagi-san starts the car. They shut the door and put on their seatbelts as Usagi-san then pulls out of the parking lot; starts to drive in heading to Marukawa Publishing.

It takes only ten minutes to get there as they enter the building at the lobby and there were three unfamiliar people as two were men and one was a woman; Usagi-san, “(Name) this is Aikawa-san my editor for my books, The President of this place is Isaka-san and his Secretary Asahina-san.” “Nice to meet you, I’m (Full Name).” (Name) said and then Aikawa-san said, “Sensei, let’s go to the meeting.” Usagi-san sigh and leaves as he then gives a thumps up for (Name) in wishing him good luck. (Name) smiles and nods his head and then Isaka-san, “All right then lets go and to meet the person you’ll working with, (Nickname)-chan.” “Okay then.” (Name) said as he then follows them both into the elevator and Asahina-san said, “So you’ll be working as a secretary then, (Name)-san.” “Yes I am at least that’s what I heard from Usami-san.” (Name) said and Asahina said, “Then I wish you luck.” “Thank you, Asahina-san.” (Name) said as the elevator door closes and starts to go up as Asahina said, “Your welcome, (Name)-san.” The elevator continues to go up as it then stops at the fourth floor and then elevator doors open; (Name) follows them both as they walk pass the Editor’s room. Asahina get a call and said, “Sorry but I have to go to a meeting myself. Goodbye.” “Bye and it was nice meeting you.” (Name) said as he leaves (Name) with Isaka as the two continues to walk. They then start to walk through the hallway as they pass by several doors and then they stopped at one that read, ‘Meeting Room’ as Isaka said, “Well here we, (Nickname)-chan.” “All right then and thank you, Isaka-san.” (Name) said as Isaka opens the door and (Name) walks in, but when he walks, he then said as he bows down, “Hello I’m (Full Name) and it’s nice to meet you.” “(Name)? Is that really you?” It was an too familiar voice that (Name) didn’t want to hear a she looks up and sees Haruhiko sitting the chair not too far from (Name) on the left. (Name) gets scared as (Name) starts to back away  and (Name0 tries to run out, but only find the door shut in his face as he tries to turn the knob, and it was locked. (Name) starts to knocked on the door and pull on the door in trying get it open, but it wouldn’t budge as Isaka said on the other side of the door, “Now two have fun in there and catch up too.” “Hey open the door!” (Name) said but there was no answer only the sound of his footsteps walking away and (Name) still tried to get it open as he doesn’t notice Haruhiko was walking up behind him; then (Name) felt a pair of familiar arms wrap around him as he heard Haruhiko said, “(Name) it’s good to see you again. I thought I lost you.” “Haruhiko l-let me go.” (Name) said as he was scared and then suddenly he was turn around and pinned against the door by his wrist as Haruhiko said with a dark voice as he had lust in his eyes, “No not this time or ever again. Since now that I have you I don’t plan of ever letting you leave my sides as you are mine.” Haruhiko then places his lips onto (Name)’s lips as he struggles in trying to get out of it and then Haruhiko pushes his tongue into (Name)’s mouth as Haruhiko moans in the kiss in tasting every bit of (Name). (Name) continues to struggle in trying to get out of his grip, but he was too strong, and then Haruhiko pulls away as he then pulls out a handkerchief and smoothers it over her mouth and nose as (Name) struggle and Haruhiko said, “Sorry, but you are not leaving me again, (Name).” (Name)’s (e/c) eyes gets heavy as his vision gets covered in darkness as he passes out.

(Name) opens his (e/c) eyes and then when he looks around he finds himself in a familiar room and it’s the room that Haruhiko gave to (Name) when he started to live with him; (Name) went to sit up, but only to find his wrist bonded to the bed rest just like Haruhiko used to do it except this time with handcuffs and he was naked. (Name) struggles in trying to get out of it, but it was no use as then he heard the door opens, and it was Haruhiko as he walks over to the bed. (Name) was scared out of his mind as Haruhiko then climbs on the bed and straddle (Name)’s legs; Haruhiko said as he then goes down to (Name)’s ear, “I have finally have you back, (Name). You are never leaving me and you are mine forever.” (Name) was scared as (name) couldn’t do anything as he was back with Haruhiko and he just let him to do of whatever he pleased as History can truly can repeat itself.

History Can Actually Repeat It's Self
Another dream fanfic done, hope you enjoy it

If you don't like yaoi then don't read

I don own Junjo Romantics or the caharacters or the image

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The Star Crystal of Celestia  

It’s been four years since Yugi and The Pharaoh along with his friends defeated the Great Beast Leviathan and Master Dartz. Yugi was asleep in his room as the Millennium Puzzle on his desk next to him, but as he sleeps he hears a familiar voice said, “Pharaoh please help. Are you here?” The Millennium Puzzle then starts to glow and then Yugi was now inside of the puzzle standing next to the Pharaoh and the Pharaoh said, “You heard that, right Yugi.” “Yes it sounded like the Dark Magician Girl. Let’s go.” Yugi said and the Pharaoh nods his head and they both ran towards the direction where Dark Magician Girl was yelling for them as she said, “Hurry follow my voice!” The two followed her voice to the same door as before and opens it as they run through in finding the entrance way. They found it as they both jump in as they arrived into the Duel Monster’s World as they enter the castle as they flew through the air. They arrived into the castle and then the Dark Magician Girl appears in front of them and said, “Pharaoh, Yugi I’m glad that you two came.” What is it; Dark Magician Girl is there something that you called us for.” Yugi said and Dark Magician Girl nods her head and said, “Yes and its The Great Beast Leviathan.” “What I thought we destroyed it?!” The Pharaoh said and Dark Magician Girl shook her head and said, “You did destroy it yes, but it seem that it was able to regenerate itself and what’s worse. It’s now after not soul, but the power source of our world, The Star Crystal of Celestia.” “The Star Crystal of Celestia?” They both said and Dark Magician Girl said, “Yes and it has the power of both Light and Darkness. Dark half was spilt in two somewhere in your world and the Light is with our Daughter, mine and my master Dark Magician, as we sent her to safety into your world with the Crystal as we erase her memory in so she doesn’t remember any of it and we fear that the Leviathan is after the Crystal in order to regain its power and so you must find our daughter and the two dark half before it’s too late. Time is running out.” Everything was confused by a bright light as everything was gone and Yugi and the Pharaoh were sent back to their world.

Yugi wakes up from his sleep as it was already morning and he then looks at the Pharaoh; the Pharaoh said as he looks at Yugi, “Yugi it looks like the world needs us again from evil.” “Yes I’m ready whenever you are, Pharaoh, but first we need to find the Star Crystal of Celestia before the Great Beast gets to it first.” Yugi said as he had gotten out of bed and gotten dress for school. Yugi quickly grabs his Millennium Puzzle and puts it on as he grabs his deck of cards and duel disk as he puts it in his backpack; he then heads out of the door of his room as he then leaves his Grandpa’s Game Shop store and heads out to school, unaware that in his room the Millennium Ring and Millennium Rod were glowing; they leave the room as they teleported out of his room.

~On the side of the City~
-Dream world-
There was screams and explosion all around as a tiny baby screams for her mother and father. Someone appears and picks up the baby; said, “I’m sorry my little one, but in order to keep you safe with the Crystal. We are sending you far away from here and erase your memories. I wish you the very best.” The person cast the spell and the baby was gone as it was covered in light and the vision as well.

-Dream Ends-

A Teenage girl with (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, and wear a (f/c) pajamas bolts up from her sleep as she said, “Bad dream.” She then gets out of bed as she makes her bed, gets change into her new school uniform as she moved from (Country’s name), she does her hair, and then she goes into her jewelry box as she grabs a clear pointed crystal that was pointed downwards as she puts it around her neck. She grabs her things for school and left her room. She then arrives into the kitchen as she had (favorite breakfast) and then makes her to school when she was done eating breakfast. When she was done eating breakfast, she then leaves her house, and then heads out to school.

~Back to Yugi as the cards goes across the screen~
Yugi still wonder of where the Daughter and the Crystal could as he continues to walk to school. He continues to walk to school as then spots his friends as he said, “Hey Téa, Joey, Tristan, Duke, and Ryo.” “Yugi.” They said as they turned around in seeing their friend and Tristan said, “Hey Yuge, how are things?” “Ah well…” Yugi said and then tells them about what happened last night and Joey was the first to freak out and said, “What?! Are you kidding that big giant dragon is coming back?! And we can only stop it if doesn’t find this Star Crystal of Celestia?!” Yugi nods his head and Téa said, “Hold on thought that you, Kaiba, and Joey destroyed it?” “Yeah I know but Dark Magician Girl told that it still was able to survive.” Yugi said and everyone couldn’t believe it and Tristan said, “Well I guess for right now we can try to find this Crystal and hide it.” “It’s not going to be that easy, Tristan and with the other two of the Dark it’s going to be harder to find.” Duke said and Ryo said, “Duke’s right on that. It could be anywhere in Dominoes City.” Everyone had to think and then Téa said, “Well we’ll just have to figure out something after school then and who knows she could be pop up out of nowhere.” “She’s got a point there.” Duke said and everyone went on their way to school as they don’t notice the girl with (h/c) hair walked by them.

Yugi and his friends arrived at school as they went to their show lockers in changing their shoes and then they went to their homeroom classroom. They arrived just as the teacher arrived and the bell rang as they took their seat; then their teachers said, “Good morning everyone and before we start class, we have a new student as she’s a transfer student. You may come in.” The door opens as a girl with (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, and wears the girl’s uniform as her neck was inside of her uniform as she walks in and then stands in front of the class as she then said, “Hello I’m (Full Name) and I’m from (Country’s name); it’s nice to meet you all.” “Alright then, you can sit in the back row on the right side next to Yugi Muto. Could you please raise your hand, Mr. Muto?” Yugi raises his hand and (Name) then walks over to the desk as she walks pass him, but then Yugi then felt something and then the spirit came out and said, ‘Yugi did you sense that?’ ‘Yeah I did, but you don’t think that…’ Yugi said and the spirit nods his head as he then disappears back into the puzzle and class starts.

Class ended as it was then study hall, (Name) then gets out of her desk as she stretches her arms, and then (Name) notices the two boys in her playing some cards as some of the class mates watches them. (Name) was wondering of what kind of game that they were playing as she walks over to them and when she got to them she looks in seeing that they were playing Duel Monsters and she said, “Oh playing Duel Monsters? Who’s winning?” “Oh hey (Name) and yes and so far it’s Yuge that’s winning. Oh I’m Joey Wheeler; this is Yugi Muto, Tristan Taylor, Téa Gardner, Duke Devlin, and Ryo Bakura.” Joey said and (Name) said, “It’s nice to meet you all.” “So (Name) do you play?” Ryo said and (Name) said, “Yes I do, but I’m not that good.” “Oh why’s that, does your deck have nothing but monsters in it?” Duke said and (Name) shook her head and said, “No it’s not that, I’m just not that good.” “Can I see your deck, (Name)?” Yugi said and (Name) wasn’t too sure as she then goes to her backpack; she grabs her deck and gives it to Yugi as he puts his cards aside. Yugi was looking through it as he was confused by her deck and said, “I don’t see what’s wrong with it as it seems you have it all balance out with (Type of monster) Deck.” “Yeah but for some reason no matter what I do I lose.” (Name) said and then Yugi looks more into her deck as he didn’t see anything wrong as then Joey said, “Well let me ask you this, do you believe that when your opponent becomes too strong for you to duel against, do you surrender or keep playing” “I…surrender because I already know that I’m going to lose.” (Name) said and Joey said, “Well you never know if you’re going to win or not if you keep on surrendering too soon, (Name).”  “Joey’s right, (Name). So how about you duel against me.” Ryo said and (Name) wasn’t too sure at first as she then nods her head; then the two put two desks together and they then started to duel against one another. Yugi and Joey had gotten theirs done as Yugi won and they came over in watching them as the others does the same thing. (Name) was stuck since Ryo was leading and he had a strong monster card out and (Name) had no idea of what to do next as her only option is too surrender. (Name) was about to give up when Yugi said, “Don’t give up (Name). You have to believe in the fate of the Heart of the cards.” “Heart of the cards?” (Name) said as she looks at Yugi as he then nods his head and it was her turn to draw as she took a deep breath and let out as she needed to calm down. She then closes her (e/c) eyes and grabbed a card from the top of her deck and pulls it out in holding it in front of her. She then opens her (e/c) eyes and she was shocked as it the card that she needed as she play her card; actually won for once. They were amazed by this as they congratulated her and then the teacher comes in for class as everyone puts the desk back to the way it was before as (Name) and Ryo put their cards up; class then starts.

After classes had ended, it was already time for lunch and (Name) had started to get her stuff together; then Yugi then said, “Hey (Name) would you like to join with us for lunch?” “Sure why not.” (Name) said as she finished gathering her things and goes with the others to the cafeteria. When they got to the cafeteria and got their food. (Name) got her (favorite meal) and went to seat with the others at the tables. (Name) sat between Téa and Ryo as they then started to eat as then Tristan said, “So (Name) what made you surrender each time when your opponent plays a strong monster?”  “Uh well…I’m not sure really when I was little I love playing it a lot, but I guess it happened because…of the dreams that I have been having since I moved here, and I’ve been scared ever since.” (Name) said as the spirit came out next to Yugi and Joey said, “Dreams? What kind?” “Well I don’t know of how to explain it but for a while I’ve been having a dream of people shouting and screaming, but then during all that screaming a woman was telling me to be safe and sent me away in erasing my memories; everything goes back after that.”  (Name) said and Yugi was shocked in hearing this as the spirit said, ‘Yugi, this may be the girl that Dark Magician was talking about.’ ‘Yeah same here.’ Yugi said and then Duke said, “That’s awful.” “Yeah and that’s not even half of it. The woman talks about a crystal and what’s funny this crystal that I have with me around my neck since I was born.” (Name) said and then she pulls out it and shows it everyone and the spirit said, ‘That has to be the Light Star Crystal of Celestia.’ ‘Think so, Pharaoh.’ Yugi said and then Yugi said, “So that crystal has been with since you were born?” “Yeah and I think that my crystal has been glowing lately like as if it’s calling for someone.” (Name) said and then Yugi said, “(Name) I need to ask you something.” “Oh sure what is it?” (Name) said and Yugi said, “Have you seen anyone else with the same type of crystal as yours but like more of a dark color of purple or something and it broken in half?” (Name) had to think for a moment and then said, “No I don’t think so since I moved here not too long ago, Yugi. Why?” Yugi then starts to talk about him the pharaoh meeting and talking to Dark Magician Girl, but (Name) just looked confused as she said, “Who’s Dark Magician Girl?” Yugi then grabs his deck out and pulls out his cars and pulls out the Dark Magician Girl and hands it to (Name). (Name) takes the card to get a better look at it, but when she looked at the card. She looked at it did look familiar, but then a painful headache kicks in as tosses the card away back to Yugi as he catches it and he said, “(Name) what’s wrong?!” “S-Stay away from me, p-please stay away.” (Name) said as she gets up and backs away and as she was holding her head in pain; then (Name) then runs out of the school’s cafeteria as they yelled at her, but she ignored them as she continues to run as fast as possible in never locking back.

(Name) had left the school’s ground as she never felt this terrified and this had always happen to her as every time she sees a familiar monster from someone’s deck, it brings back that nightmare each time. (Name) just continues to run as she was now in the center town of Dominoes City just a few blocks away from Kaiba Corp. (Name) continues to run as she then arrives at a park and she then stops running as she didn’t understand of what the vision; she felt bad for running away from her friends. So she walks over and sits down on one of the benches in catching her breath and try to figure out about the vision that she saw. (Name) then just close her (e/c) eyes in trying to relax, but then she hears two unfamiliar voices said, “We found you Light Star Crystal of Celestia.” (Name) opens her (e/c) eyes as she screams in freight in seeing two knights that didn’t look human as they were monsters like from the Duel Monster game as they looked like fiends; one of the fiends grabs (Name)’s arm and she screams as she struggles in trying to get out of his grip. (Name) was scared out of her mind and then she hears an unfamiliar voice said, “Come forth Man-Eater Bug!” Suddenly a giant green bug with spikes and sharp claws appears and attacks one of the knights as (Name) recognized it as Man-Eater Bug, but (Name) wondered of how it came to life, and then another unfamiliar voice said, “Makyura the Destructor, attack now!” Another duel monster appears and attacks the other knight as that knight lets (Name) go as it was Makyura the Destructor as he was attacking the knight. The two knights back away and one said, “Great, the Dark Star Crystal of Celestia are here. We’ll retreat for now.” The two disappear and then the two duel monster cards disappear as then two unfamiliar people then appear next to (Name) as they walked around her in standing in front of her. They were two men as one looked like Bakura except his hair was spikier and he was wearing a blue and white stripe shirt with a black coat, and black pants with black shoes. He’s also wear of what it looked like some sort of pendant that looked like Yugi’s but the triangle is pointing upwards, has a circle ring around it, and has five needles hanging from the ring as it was around his neck. The other has hair is spiked upwards and points in all directions, though he retains the same wing-like fringes of Marik's hair, he has violet eyes, and he bears the Eye of Wdjat on his forehead as he was holding a rod in his hand. He long purple cape with a gold chain, and the black sleeveless tank top, wears golden earrings, neckwear, armbands and bracelets and beige pants.

(Name) was shocked in seeing the two and then said, “Who are you two and what did mean by Dark Star Crystal of Celestia?” “Well I’m Mariku and this is Bakura; the Crystal he talked about. He means this.” They both showed a Dark purplish black crystal that was broken in half  as it was glowing in their chest and (Name)’s eyes widen as of what Yugi said was true as she then said, “Okay then I’m (Full Name), but why did the two retreat when the two of you arrived?” “The Light star crystal that you have can bring anyone or anything back to life, but the Dark star crystal which is us is opposite in which brings death to anyone and anything.” Bakura said and then (Name) said, “So what Yugi and others said is true then and that Dark Magician Girl is my…mother and Dark Magician is my…father.” The two nods their head and it was so much to take in as (Name) vision was covered in darkness as she passes out.

~Meanwhile as the cards fly across the screen~
After (Name) had ran out of the school building, Yugi and the others had went out to go look for her and hope that she was safe. Yugi and the others had spilt up in looking for a lot easier, but so far no sign of her, and Yugi was about to go into another direction when he heard a familiar voice said, “Yugi what tis the meaning of this?” Yugi looks and it was none than Seto Kaiba as Yugi said, “Kaiba, what are you doing here?” “That should be mine line and what this is about the Great Beast coming back.” Kaiba said and Yugi guessed that the Dark Magician Girl must have talked to him and so Yugi explains the situation; Kaiba said, “More of some Hocus Pocus mind trick I see, but since it has happen before. I’ll believe you this one time, Yugi.” Yugi was about to say something when there was a familiar scream and Yugi said, “That’s (Name).” Yugi runs on ahead as Kaiba follows him and Yugi turns into the Pharaoh as he takes over his body. When they arrived at the park, they spot two very familiar people with (Name) as the Pharaoh said, “Mariku, Bakura why are you here I thought I destroyed you two once and for all.” The two then showed the Dark Star crystal of Celestia to the Pharaoh and Kaiba; the Pharaoh’s eyes widen at this and then Kaiba said, “Tell us what you planning to do with the girl?” “We not planning anything, we were sent to protect her and two of the Great Beast’s knight’s came after her just before you two arrived.” Bakura said and the Mariku picks her up bridal style and he said, “Also she passed out in finding out the truth the hard way, Pharaoh.” The Pharaoh was about to say something and Kaiba said, “I hate to break this little reunion, but right now we need to get her to safety.” They nodded their heads and they all left the park in taking her somewhere where she can be safe.

~Dreamworld to dragon flying across the screen~
(Name) opens her eyes as she finds herself in an open field as there were flowers all around and (Name) then smiles as she lies down on the ground as never felt this relax as felt the breeze against her body and face. She very relax till she heard someone calling for her as she gets up and ran towards the direction where the voice was coming from. (Name) continues to run as she arrives to a hill as there was single tall tree there and (Name) notices two figures up there. So she starts to climb up the hill as she still could see the two figures and continues to walk up as she then starts to run up to get to them a lot more quicker. When she arrived at the top of the hill the two figures were none other than Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl and (Name) was shocked as Dark Magician said, “(Name) do you recognize us?” (Name) looks at the two as the memories of her family came back in an instance and she starts to cry as she nods her head; she runs up to him in giving him a hug. Dark Magician girl then gives her hug as (Name) said, “Mom, Dad I-I can’t believe that it’s you after so long and why did you have to erase my memories and what is this Great beast that everyone is talking about?” They pulled away and said, “The reason why we erase your memories till now is because we didn’t want you to be danger like the knights that attacked you and thankfully Mariku who controls the Millennium Rod and Bakura who controls the Millennium Ring  were there to save you. The two of what they say is true and they also your protectors and guardians since they are after you; as for the Great Beast, he is as known as Leviathan and he is a terrible beast that takes other’s souls in order make him stronger, and he wants to destroy everything and rule the world. The reason he’s after the crystal is because it has the power to bring anything and anyone back to life.” “But wasn’t it destroyed by three knights.” (Name) said and Dark Magician Girl said, “Yes and those knights that controlled the Dragons that helped them out are The Pharaoh of the Millennium Puzzle with Yugi Muto’s help, Joey Wheeler, and Seto Kaiba.” “I’ve met Yugi and Joey, but not the pharaoh or Kaiba.” (Name) said and then Dark Magician said, “Oh don’t worry you’ll meet them soon enough.” “Oh okay, but how would be able to defeat the Great Beast.” (Name) said and then Dark Magician Girl said, “You must find the four Dragons of Light and combine their forces in wakening the Great Beast of Light.” “Who are the four dragons of light?” “All we know is that it can destroy by four dragon of light, (Name). Since the Pharaoh was able to defeat with the three dragons of light before.” Dark Magician said and (Name) nods her head as then they both said, “Please be careful, (Name) as time is running out.” A bright light blinds her vision as the dream had ended.

~End of Dream and Dragon fly across the screen~
(Name) wakes up as she opens her (e/c) eyes and she finds herself in an unfamiliar room as it was all white and (Name) was lying in bed; (Name) then looks to her sides in seeing Mariku and Bakura standing at the edge of the bed, but then (Name) heard someone walking by and she looks at the window in seeing that it was Makyura the Destructor and Headless Knight walking by in going opposite direction and then she heard something slithering outside of her window as she looks in seeing Diabond Kernel and Vampiric Leech as she then looks at Mariku and Bakura; said, “Wh-Whats going on and where am I?” “Oh (Name) good your awake. We’re at the hospital since it turns out that the lack of sleep caused you to pass out and the monster that are out because while you out the knights try to come after you. The Pharaoh and his friends are in the lobby, I’ll send Lady of Faith to bring them here.” Bakura said as he pulls out a card from his deck and his Millennium Ring start to glow and the Lady of Faith appears; leaves the room in heading to the lobby in getting the others. It wasn’t too long after till Yugi, no the Pharaoh and his friends came along with someone unfamiliar along with another unfamiliar face as he looks like that his younger brother as The Pharaoh said, “It’s good to see you awake, (Name) I’m the Pharaoh the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, and the two here is Seto Kaiba and his younger brother Mokuba Kaiba.” “It’s nice to meet you; I’m (Full Name).” (Name) said and then Kaiba said, “Yeah whatever, so what’s this about the Great Beast coming back to life and all this other stuff.” (Name) then explains everything from her parents to all to the dream and meeting them in her dream and everything else as then The Pharaoh said, “The four Dragons of Light?” “Yeah but that could mean any type of dragon of light since there is a lot of them.” Joey said and then Tristan said, “Oh this is not making things much easier than it usually is, is it.” The door opens in revealing another unfamiliar face as it was an old man like grandpa as he said, “Yugi there you are, I tried calling you, but you wouldn’t answer your phone.” “Sorry Grandpa things have been busy lately.” The Pharaoh said and Yugi’s grandpa hands Yugi the package to Yugi; Yugi said, “It’s from Maximillian Pegasus.” “The man that makes the cards?” (Name) said and they nodded their heads and Kaiba scoffs and said, “Better see of what he wants.” The Pharaoh nods his head and opens then package; inside of it was a tape and a blank Fusion monster card with a blank Magic card.

Mariku grabs then blank cards and looks at them as Bakura looks at them too as the Pharaoh then puts the tape in the VHS player and turns on the TV as the video starts to play in revealing Maximillian Pegasus sitting at his desk in his chair as he said, “Greeting Yugi-boy, Kaiba-boy, and everyone I hope you are doing well, but you already know that I wouldn’t send this tape if something was up. So I’ll get straight to the point, as you all know this Great beast that you all destroyed four years ago and is now coming back to life with the power of the Star Crystal of Celestia. Now I’ll explain of what that is, basically 10,000 years ago during Atlantis times the Star Crystal of Celestia is actually the monsters power source in order to survive, but as you all know there is two halves the Light and the Dark. The Light half that you all your protecting in which I learned during one of research is the daughter of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl and they gave her the crystal in order to get it away from the Great Beast since it can bring anything back to life. Now for the Dark half in which the Great Beast fears is that it can extinguish anything and anyone; also it is the protector or guardian of the Light half. Now recently I’ve been doing research about the visions that Ms. (Last Name) has been having, even though, my Millennium Eye was taken from me. I could sense something is about to unfold and see vision of what is going to happen. Anyway, back to the topic, while doing some research I discover a new monster even more powerful than Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and the three Egyptian God cards as this requires both powers of Light and Dark in order for it to be made; that is why I made these two exclusive cards in order to bring it to life. As I already know that it deals with Four Dragons of Light and Kaiba-boy already has three of them in his deck, The Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but you need four, but unfortunately I don’t know where the fourth one is at. So you must find the fourth one in order to bring it to life and stop the Great Beast once again or the world will end and be ruled by the Great Beast and its army!” The tape finishes as it goes static and Joey ejects the tape as he then said, “Well that narrows it down of what the four Dragon of Light is. Gramps do you still have the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon card?” “Mmm oh yes I do, in fact I got message from a certain someone to bring it.” Yugi’s grandpa said and digs into one of his pocket and pulls out a small box in revealing as he then opens the box and there was the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon card that was torn in half with tape wrapped around it.

As soon as Yugi’s Grandpa got his card out, Kaiba gets his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons out of his deck, and when all four of the cards were out the blank Fusion card and the blank Magic card starts to glow as (Name)’s crystal starts to glow along with Mariku’s and  Bakura’s crystal as they started to glow. The glowing then dies down and then they notice that the two cards had now images on them. The fusion card was a picture of a four head Blue-Eyes white dragon with four hooded like structure behind them on their shoulder as the card was called Blue-Eyes Whood (A/N: Pronounce as Hood>back to Story) Dragon as there was a rainbow like Crystal behind it and then the magic card has a rainbow color crystal as it called The Star Crystal of Celestia. Téa looks at the card The Star Crystal of Celestia and then said, “It looks like a different version of that combining card Polymerization.” “Yes but it seems to be ten times stronger if it can combine four monsters at once and to create a dragon like this.” Joey said as he looks at the dragon card and then magic card; Kaiba said, “So there really is a card that can defeat the three Egyptian God cards, that’s interesting.” “Hey there’s another tape in here.” Mokuba said and he puts in the tape as it then starts to play and it reveal Pegasus once again at his desk as he said, “Greetings everyone, I guess you were able to create the two cards I gave you, and that impressive, but I must give you a warning you mustn’t let those knights get the cards or else there is no other way to defeat the Great Beast Leviathan. Guard them with your life and also there is only one way to summon this ultimate beast and that is the three original knights that fought the great Beast before and was able to defeat it; I mean Yugi-boy, Kaiba-boy, and young Joseph, but now this time things are different you must find a fourth knight that can summon the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I wish you the very best of luck to you all.” The video then goes static as Tristan said, “Where on earth are we going to find a fourth knight?!” “Well if I were you all I suggest to start looking for the fourth knight.” Kaiba said as he then tosses the two Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards one to the Pharaoh and the other to Joey as Yugi’s Grandpa holds onto the fourth card as (Name) then said, “So now what, you guys?” “Well for right now we need to find the fourth night and fast.” Joey said and the Duke said, “Joey’s right on that, but for you as of right now. You need to rest after of what just happened to you since you’ve been out for three days.” “Three days?! I thought I was asleep for three minutes when I was talking with my mom and dad.” (Name) said as she was shocked in hearing this and the Pharaoh said, “They must have used their magic in order for you to regain your strength, and it must have been three minutes equals three days.” (Name) couldn’t believe it of what she had heard and then (Name) said, “Well that was unexpected, but oh well there more strange stuff later then.” The Pharaoh just smirks and Joey said, “True on that so get some rest, (Name).” “Will do.” (Name) said and then they all said their good byes as they left the hospital except for Bakura and Mariku as they stayed with (Name) as she lies back down in bed as she wondered of what was going happen next as she goes back to sleep. She continues to sleep as she then felt a very warm presence around her body as she snuggles against the warmth as it was very relaxing, but unaware to anyone it was a ghostly figure of a dragon, a white dragon with blue eyes at that as it treated (Name) as if it was the dragon’s baby as it nudges it’s snout against (Name) in making her comfortable as then the dragon falls asleep as well as there a Blue-Eyes White Dragon card on the night stand next to (Name)’s bed.

The next morning, (Name) wakes up as she opens her (e/c) eyes and she sits up in stretching as Mariku and Bakura were looking at (Name) in shock. (Name) then looks at them and said, “Hey you two, what’s wrong?” “(Name) there’s a Blue-Eyes White Dragon behind you.” Bakura said and (Name) looks behind her in seeing the Blue-Eyes white Dragon behind her; (Name) tries to get out of the bed, but it pulls her back onto the bed with its tail. So Mariku then tries to help (Name) as the dragon only then roars at him causing Mariku to jump back as he said, “Well that’s not going to work either. I’ll try calling the others in seeing of what to do about this.” He then raises his Millennium rod in air causing it to glow in calling them and it wasn’t too long till the Pharaoh, Joey, and Kaiba came in, but they were wearing of what it looked like a golden armor; Joey said, “What the…Why is there a Blue-eyes white Dragon with (Name)?” “That’s what we like to know and don’t even try to get near it.” Mariku said and Bakura said, “Yeah even (Name) tried to get away from it, but only to be pulled back by it too.” Kaiba looks at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and then notice the card next to her on the nightstand as it was glowing; he said, “I think the answer is over there, you twebs.” They looked at the glowing card and Joey said, “Wait that Gramps’ card and then that must means that she’s…” “She’s the fourth knight for the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon.” The Pharaoh said and then (Name) said, “Oh then why are you three wearing golden armor and I’m not?” “Uh you better to look again, (Name).” Joey said and (Name) looks down at her clothes and finds herself in wearing the same type of armor as they are; she then notices the card as she then picks it up and then the Blue-Eyes White Dragon disappeared back into the card.

(Name) puts the card in her deck in keeping it safe and then Joey said, “Well now that we found the fourth knight we can take down that Beast once and for all.” “It won’t be as easy as last time, Joey.” The Pharaoh said and then Bakura said, “Then what do we do? We can’t sit around and do nothing while the Great Beast’s knights are looking for her.” “I know, but all we can is protecting her from them.” Mariku said as then suddenly black holes appear inside of the room as knights appear and they surrounded the Pharaoh and then others as the knight went after (Name). The Pharaoh and the others were fighting against the knights as they summoned there monster thanks to the Millennium items that Mariku, Bakura, and The Pharaoh had. They started to attack them in trying to get to (Name) as more kept on coming into the room. (Name) was scared out of her mind as she tries to get away from them, but they a lot quicker as they grabbed on her arms and she screams for them as they teleported out of the hospital along with (Name) and they screamed for (Name) as she was gone out of their sights. Once the knight were gone, the black hole was gone and then Kaiba said, “Well this isn’t good, any ideas.” “Ah this isn’t good they got (Name).” Joey said and the, the Pharaoh punches the wall in frustration, but then a pink light orb appears and the disappears as it was Dark Magician Girl as they were surprise to see her as she said, “Please don’t be upset, you all did your best in protecting our daughter.” “Oh yeah and what we supposed to do just sit around and do nothing?” Bakura said and another orb came but it was purple and the orb disappears in revealing Dark Magician as he then said, “No we are going to send you to where (Name) and you are to save her and to have her to look into her own heart. Now go!” Dark Magician’s and Dark Magician Girl’s scepters started to glow and then they shot the orb of light at the wall in creating a portal; the Pharaoh and the others went through it as Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl disappears.

The Pharaoh, Mariku, Bakura, Kaiba, and Joey arrived into the world where (Name) was taken to and it was Atlantis it more like something like the Shadow Realm, but more like it had jagged mountains all around and the sky was completely dark. They landed on the ground as they landed onto their feet except for Joey as he land on his back. Joey groans in pain as he stands up and said, “Where are we?” “Well if I have to say, I say that we are in the Great Beast’s land.” Mariku said and then they heard as roar of excitement and then the Pharaoh said, “We must hurry, before it’s too late.” They all nodded their heads and start to run towards the direction of the noise. (Name) wakes up as her (e/c) eyes opens and she finds herself tied up and bounded to a post; billions of knights surrounding the area as she was scared and then suddenly one of the knights who looked like the leader came up to (Name) and said as he grabs the crystal around her neck, “It’s time to awaken our master once again and with the Light Star Crystal of Celestia. He shall be awaken once more and you will be the first sacrifice to him.” He pulls the crystal off of her and (Name) starts to struggle as she tries to get out of the ropes as she whimpers and screams for help as she hope that someone will come and save her as the leader then tosses the crystal down into a huge hole. The Pharaoh and the others continues to run towards the direction as they arrive and sneak in as they manage to carefully get pass the knights as they were behind (Name) as she continues to struggle. Mariku places his fingers on his lips as he pulls out a dagger and then others nods their heads as Mariku carefully goes up, but Bakura stops him and whisper as he said, “Stop let me do it, since they don’t call me The Thief King for nothing.” Mariku understood and hands Bakura the knife and Bakura gets up there with being notice; he starts to cut the ropes from behind from her wrist and legs. As soon as (Name) was free, (Name) was about to say something when Bakura places his hand over her mouth and pulls her back as she struggle in thinking someone grabbed her, but when she heard Bakura said, “(Name) easy it’s me.” (Name) was calm as Bakura brings her back to the others and Kaiba said, “Come on let’s get out of here.” They nod their heads and they all run as fast as they could to get out of there.

Not too long after the hole to glow brightly and a loud roar was heard; the leader said, “Master is now risen! Master we offer you a sacrifice, a human!” He turns around to look at (Name) but she was gone and the roar was heard again; the Leader said, “Master please forgive me, but she was there. Honest and-” He was cut off when a long slimly tentacle pops out of the hole and wraps around him and pulls him down into the hole as he screams and all the other knight were now scared as they try to run away, but more tentacles come out in grabbing and pulling them into the hole as they were being absorb into the Great Beast Leviathan in regaining his strength.

(Name) and then others continues to run as fast as they could as they heard the all too familiar roar; then they notice her crystal was gone and the Pharaoh said, “We’re too late.” There was a loud explosion as the ground shook and they fell onto the ground; then the all familiar Dragon rises from the hole as it flies into the air as it had finished absorbing all of the knights and the leader. The Great Leviathan appears before in sky as it looked at them and it roars at them as it launches it attack. They all dodge it attack and then The Pharaoh said, “Kaiba! Joey! (Name)! We need to summon the Four Blue-Eyes White Dragon now!” They nodded their head as they raised their hands up in the air and three duel disk appears on their arms as they summoned their Blue-Eyes White Dragons as only three appear, but (Name) for some reason couldn’t get appear as she said, “What’s going on?” They were shocked by this as the Leviathan attacks and Mariku and Bakura grabs (Name) to get out of the way as the three jumped onto their Blue-Eye’s White Dragon and dodge the attack as they flew into the air. Mariku and Bakura were able to get (Name) to safety as they were on top of  the Curse of Dragon and They looked at the Pharaoh as he gave them a thumbs up for saving (Name) and then Joey summons his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to help out and said, “Yo Mariku, hop on!” Mariku nods his head and he then said, “Bakura keep (Name) safe.” “Heh you know I will.” Bakura said as Mariku jumps on the Red-Eyes Black Dragon’s back as he summons a duel disk as well and calls out some of his monsters out to help out and Bakura smirks and he holds onto (Name) in so she doesn’t fall of and Bakura makes Curse of Dragon to take them down to the ground to safety. When they arrived to the ground the Curse of Dragon landed on the ground and Bakura takes (Name) onto the ground and said, “Stay here you’ll be safe, (Name).” “No please, Bakura. I don’t want to be alone.” (Name) said and Bakura smirks and places his hand over her heart and said, “You’re not alone you have friends in here. Now be careful.” Before (Name) could say anything Bakura gets back on the Curse of Dragon’s back and takes off in helping the others out in fight the Great Leviathan. Bakura manages to summon a duel disk and summon some of his monsters as well to help out. Bakura manages to catch in to help out as no couldn’t argue since they needed all the help that they could get and they start to attack the Great Leviathan.

All (Name) could do is watch as all of her friends monster were being destroyed one by one and there was nothing that she could do at all to help out. (Name) was scared out of mind as the Great Leviathan attacks them, but then when she saw the Great Leviathan attack her friends she heard one of friends get hit as smokes appears and she gets a better look of who it was first to get hit, Bakura. (Name) was scared out of her mind as she watches him fall and he soon starts to disappear as only the Dark Crystal and the Millennium Rod remains as it hit the ground and the Red-Eyes Black Dragon disappears as well; she screams, “MARIKU  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” At that moment the Pharaoh felt something and Yugi said from within the puzzle, “Pharaoh what is it?” “I don’t know Yugi, but I felt an enormous power coming from nearby…” The Pharaoh looks back in seeing it was (Name) on the ground as she was crying and then she remembers what Dark Magician Girl had said before they left and then the  Pharaoh said, “EVERYONE ITS NOT OVER YET!!!! WE CAN STILL WIN THIS!!!!” “Huh? What do you mean, Yuge?” Joey said as he dodges the Great Leviathan’s attack and the Pharaoh said, “I mean that the crystal that it absorbed is not the real crystal.” “Huh, but how is that possible? The Crystal that (Name) had around her neck, wasn’t that it?” Joey said and then Bakura then said, “It was decoy then, because when I grabbed (Name) felt a strong power within her.” The Pharaoh nods his head and Kaiba said, “We can still beat this Beast once and for all.” They all charged at the beast as (Name) was on the ground still upset that she can’t do anything to help out as she was looking at the ground, but then not too long after she heard a scream, and she looks up in seeing that the Curse of Dragon was hit as it disappears and Bakura was hit too as (Name) could see that he was looking right at her as he smirks; she read his lips as he said, “Don’t give up (Name).” He then disappears as all there was left was the crystal and the Millennium Ring as it hits the ground and (Name) then screams in anguish as she starts to cry, but then she starts to glow as she then starts to get mad as she said and starts to stand up, “Leviathan, you are not going to take any more of my friends away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Suddenly the two dark crystals starts to glow as they both merge back together and it goes towards (Name); the Leviathan notices this as it launches it attack towards (Name). Kaiba, Joey, and The Pharaoh scream to get out of there, but she doesn’t move an inch. The attack was close to her as the Dark Star Crystal of Celestia then merges into her body just as the attack hits her and she screams in pain, but the a bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere and hits (Name) in the process in negating he Leviathan’s attack as there was a bright light and the Pharaoh, Kaiba, and Joey were blinded as they used their arms in blocking the light from their eyes by the light as the Leviathan roars; Kaiba said, “What’s going on?!” The light disperses as it reveals (Name), but in a completely different outfit as she was wearing a (f/c) dress with a see through sheath around her arms and neck, she was wearing (f/c) high heels; she basically looked like a princess as a duel disk appears on her arm. Joey was the first to speak as he said, “No way, then she’s…” “Yes she’s the Star Crystal of Celestia!” The Pharaoh said as (Name) pulls out the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and was able to summon it as she jumps on it back as it took flying towards the others as the Leviathan starts to launch its attack at (Name), but she manages to dodge them as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon dodge the attacks. When (Name) arrives to them, she pulls out the magic card The Star Crystal of Celestia and activates it as she unleashes it power as the four Blue-Eyes White Dragons combines as one as a bright light appears once more and then it disappears as a Blue-Eyes White Dragon appears expect it now had four heads and four hooded like structure around its neck on the back of it; it was now the Blue-Eyes Whood Dragon. (Name), the Pharaoh, Joey, and Kaiba were on top of each of its head as the Leviathan roars at it and the Blue-Eyes Whood Dragon roars back. The Leviathan attacks first as then (Name), The Pharaoh, Kaiba, and Joey said as they shout, “BLUE-EYES WHOOD DRAGON ATTACK NOW WITH STAR CRYSTAL NUETRON BLAST FORCE WAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!” The Blue-Eyes Whood Dragon launches its attack as the two attack collide as it looked dead even, but it proves that the Blue-Eyes Whood Dragon had more power as (Name) gave it more power and the attack pushes back the Leviathan’s attack as it then hits the Leviathan as it screams in pain and it was obliterated as it explodes into dust. The Blue-Eyes Whood Dragon roars in victory as it disappears back into the card and the four landed on the ground safely.

The Leviathan was no more as then (Name) was still the same and the Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician appears; (Name) ran up to them in giving them a hug as Dark Magician said, “Pharaoh, Kaiba, Joey thank you for protecting our daughter and destroying the Leviathan as it is now gone for good what it was, was its spirit, but it’s gone forever now.” “Eh so what happens now?” Joey said and then Dark Magician Girl said, “Now that the Great Beast is gone for good the evil is no more, but it’s up to (Name) of what she wants to do from here on now.” (Name) looks at the two and said, “I’m really glad to see you two mom and dad, but I would like to stay with Yugi and the others and also…” She trails off as she starts to cry when she spots the Millennium Rod and Millennium Ring not far from them and she walks over to them and picks them up and holds them close as even though she didn’t get them know them much, she really loved them both. The Pharaoh and Joey smiles as Kaiba just smirks; the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl used their magic in combining together as (Name) then reverts back to her normal self and then Dark Star Crystal was back in broken in half as then the two came back to life as the two crystals starts to glow and two bodies start to form; then both Bakura and Mariku appeared in front of her back to normal as she starts to cry of happiness and hugged them both as they both then said, “We heard of what your heart was saying and everything else that you said too. And so we will stay by your side forever, (Name).” “I’m so glad. Thank you.” (Name) said and then Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl return them back to the human world as the area was covered in bright light.

~Time skip to the Four Blue-Eyes White Dragons flying across the screen~
(Name) wakes up as she opens her (e/c) eyes and she finds herself back in her room as she sits and looks around as she was wearing her school uniform, but doesn’t see Mariku or Bakura anywhere as she thought that it was all a dream, but then she heard a loud *Thump* and she gets out of bed and runs down the stair to the kitchen and then spots two familiar figures in the kitchen as of what it looked like that happen that when Bakura open the cabinet for the pots and pans it had fallen out and fell onto the floor and (Name) giggles as the two turns around and said, “Good morning, (Name).” “Good morning Mariku, Bakura.” (Name) said and Mariku said, “Breakfast is almost done and we’re having some guest over to.” “Guests?” (Name) said and right on cue the doorbell rings and she goes to answer and when opened the door. It was Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Yugi’s Grandpa, Ryo, Téa, Duke, Kaiba, and Mokuba as she was surprised in seeing them and then Kaiba said, “Well aren’t you going to invite us in or what, (Name)?” (Name) snapped out of her thoughts and let them in as she couldn’t believe it as her friends came just as breakfast was ready and Mariku and Bakura had put the food on the table as everyone went to the table and sit down as (Name) sat between Mariku and Bakura and they start to eat breakfast.

Once they had finished eating breakfast. (Name) had gotten her school stuff together just as she said good bye to Yugi’s Grandpa, Kaiba and Mokuba. (Name) ran outside as Mariku and Bakura went outside with her in catching up with the others as they were waiting for her outside and as she caught up to them. (Name) knew that she made the right choice in staying and living in the human world with her now two boyfriends and guardians Bakura and Mariku; with her new friends Yugi, The Pharaoh, Téa, Joey, Duke, Ryo, Tristan, Yugi’s Grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba as she knew that she missed her parents  but she can always visit them in her dreams whenever she wanted to as she was going to enjoy every minute of her new life in the human world with her new friends and Two boyfriends.

The Star Crystal of Celestia
Another dream fanfic is done, hope you enjoy it

I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! or the characters or the monster.

The image is mine that I made I drew and use Paint to make it like that
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Ukraine: She's like a sister to me. I love her to death!

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America: I think she's great!! Hanging out with her is fun! She even accompanies me to every fast food restaurant I want to go to! We do the craziest stuff together like bungee jumping or sky diving!
England: Such a crazy girl! Always hanging out with this idiot America! Realy annoying and now let me drink my tea!!!
France: She's so beautiful~ And she's not that quiet and maybe I should *you may smack him in the face now*
Germany: Hmm...she always abets Italy to skip training and is very loudy...I guess I don't like her....
Russia: Strong and interesting girl...*purple aura appears*...I should ask her if she wants to become one with me.....kolkolkol....
North Italy: Ve~ I like Onee-chan very much. She's funny and always helps me to escape from Germany's training~ *evil glance from Germany*
China: I don't care about her that much. She seems to be ok but a little weird...
Japan: I'm a little scared of second she appears behind your back and the next she's gone!

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