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A Writer’s Block Situation (Vore)
For: Marshallesslover9

Chancee was at home with her lover, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo also known as Spain at his house. Chancee was currently on her computer on her Deviant Art account as Marashallesslover9 and she was currently working on her new fanfic for her followers to readers to read once it was finished, but so far she was currently having writer’s block which is annoying to have since she can’t finished her story with it since it makes it really hard to deal with. Chancee tries to figure out of what do with this writer’s block and just then the door to their room opens as she hears a familiar Spanish accent, “Mi amor, I’m back. Is everything okay?” “Well sort of Antonio, I’m currently working on a fanfic,…and now I got a writer’s block on it.” Chancee said as she turns around in her chair in facing him and then Antonio said, “I’m sorry to hear that mi amor, but I think I can help you with it.” “Okay how, Antonio?” Chancee said and then Antonio smirks and said, “Well let’s just say that I know one of your favorite things since I saw one of your fanfics that you were typing up, mi amor.” Chancee freezes as she knew that she was caught red handed and then Chancee then said as she blushes, “O-Okay then, but what exactly do you have in mind, Antonio.” “I have the perfect thing mind and it will help you to relax as well, mi amor.” Antonio said as he then suddenly picks her up bridal style and carries her off of her chair and onto their bed as he then gently set her down and Antonio said, “You ready, mi amor for the relaxation?” Chancee slowly nods her head as she was blushing crimson red and then Antonio goes down to her feet; then opens his mouth as wide as he could and bring her feet in his mouth as he teasingly starts to lick them as she moans.

Antonio smirks as he then starts to swallow her and Chancee moans as she felt her feet going down his warm, tight, wet throat. Antonio moans in her taste as he continues to swallow Chancee and Chancee moans as she continues to be swallowed by Antonio as he was up to her hips. Chancee then felt her feet enter inside of his stomach as he continues to swallow her and Antonio smirks as he continues to swallow her more and more as she said, “Más! Más! MásAntonio! Más!” Antonio was now up to her stomach as he smirks and playfully nips her as she moans louder. Chancee moans as Antonio nips her playfully and continues to swallow her as Chancee said, “An-Antonio s-stop teasing me already and keep going!” Antonio chuckles and continues to swallow her as he moans and he was up to her chest as he smiles at her and she smiles back as she said, “I’m ready, Antonio.” Antonio then sits up and then lets gravity take over as he gives a few hard swallows in swallowing her shoulders and head. Antonio then sighs in relief as he lies against the bed rest with a huge bulge stomach and he places his hand as he rubs it as he burps a loud one. Chancee is now inside of Antonio’s hot, wet, tight stomach as she was now curled into a ball as his stomach muscle encases her as he said, “Are you comfortable and all right, mi amor?”. She heard Antonio said that as she was listening to his breathing and heart beating, “Y-Yes I’m perfectly fine and this is amazing, but how did you really know about this because I know you can’t get on my computer, Antonio. “Oh let’s just say I ran into a friend of yours who is also has a DA account like you and starts of the letters of S and D; goes by the name of Slifofina Dragon. She told me of the role plays that you two do together and decide to do this for you.” Chancee just giggles and said, “Well it did and thank you Antonio. Te amo soy mucho, Antonio.” “Te amo soy soy mucho, mi amor, Chancee.” Antonio said and Chancee snuggles against his stomach muscles as he smiles; Antonio then starts to move his stomach muscles in like massaging her as she moans and said, “Wh-What are you doing?” “I’m giving you a massage, mi amor to help you relax. Now why don’t close your eyes and rest, mi amor.” Antonio said and Chancee moans and said, “O-Okay, Antonio. Good night.” “Good night, mi amor.” Antonio said as he continues to massage her as she closes her eyes in going to sleep in resting and Antonio smiles and goes to sleep as well in resting as this was the best way to help his lover, Chancee, to get rid of her Writer’s block. Both Chancee and Antonio will both remember to thank Sli for this later once they rested enough.

A Writers Block Situation (Vore)
A little surprise for my best friend Marshallesslover9, hope you enjoy it.

if you don't like vore then don't read

I don't own hetalia or the characters

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Tomorrow till next Wednesday I'm going to be away with my family and while I'm at it I'm going to take a break from doing fan fictions and to watch my new anime series I got in DVD and I haven't got a chance to watch it. So I'm going to take that time to take break from fan fictions and watch my anime series, but I will check on here now and then when I'm able to.



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Slifer the Sky Dragon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i am a huge anime fan i do anime art.
i do fanfictions from fluffy to vore, but im against in killing my characters or readers i only do implied dead where they are something else like a ghost, demon, naga, and so on.
i a lot of art works from animes to nebulas in painting.

The creative one!
Italy: She and I paint and draw a lot -blush- sometimes she even sings to me.
Germany: Not the smartest person ever, but she can see somethings that others would over look.
Japan: -blush- Her art is wonderful! She's so talented I love her work!
America: Yeah, she's pretty hot. She's always dancing and singing. She's loads of fun!
England: -blush- She's helping me improve on my recipes. She writes stories for me personally, she's harder-
France: One time the two of us went to a club and you should have seen her dancing! -sigh- Elle est si belle!
Russia: I admire her work, she's visited several times. -slight blush- I'd like her to become one with me, da. But that won't happen for a bit longer.
China: She's beautiful! -blush- I-i mean her artwork!
Canada: She said hi to me once. -blush- I don't see her very much but when I do I can't help but smile.
Switzerland: She's okay -blush-
Liechtenstein: She's teaching me some more dance moves this week! Oh I'm so excited! She's so much fun!
Austria: -Blushes a deep red- Her music is wonderful. Sometimes we'll spend all day together. I'll play music to her and she'll sing to me. -blushes even more- We've even danced together before.
Hungary: -glaring- She's getting FAR too close to Mr. Austria!
Estonia: -blush- ...she's really pretty...
Lithuania: She's really talented, you should see her paintings!
Poland: She's like okay~. But she says me painting my house pink was like tacky~! But like what does she know~?!
Cuba: Who?
Belarus: ...I like her singing...
Ukraine: She's like a sister to me. I love her to death!

Friends: Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Liechtenstein, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine
Enemies: Hungary
Love interest: Italy, Japan, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia

Hyper, adventurous & comunicative
You like meeting people, parties and having fun. You are a person who wants to see and try everything and your motto is NO RISK, NO FUN!!!

America: I think she's great!! Hanging out with her is fun! She even accompanies me to every fast food restaurant I want to go to! We do the craziest stuff together like bungee jumping or sky diving!
England: Such a crazy girl! Always hanging out with this idiot America! Realy annoying and now let me drink my tea!!!
France: She's so beautiful~ And she's not that quiet and maybe I should *you may smack him in the face now*
Germany: Hmm...she always abets Italy to skip training and is very loudy...I guess I don't like her....
Russia: Strong and interesting girl...*purple aura appears*...I should ask her if she wants to become one with me.....kolkolkol....
North Italy: Ve~ I like Onee-chan very much. She's funny and always helps me to escape from Germany's training~ *evil glance from Germany*
China: I don't care about her that much. She seems to be ok but a little weird...
Japan: I'm a little scared of second she appears behind your back and the next she's gone!

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