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The Naga’s Mate is a Cutie (Vore)
2P!Dragon Naga!EnglandxKai (Male!OC)

Kai Hanama is a teenage boy with black and blue highlight, he has heterogenetic eyes as one side was blue and other was yellow with a cat like eye, he wears a black leather jacket with chains and spikes on it as it was torn and he wore a torn white t-shirt with torn blue jeans. He is also half demon as he was born that way even though his parents are both humans as his demon form name is Zuké Hanama. Kai lived in a village but no one don’t of what happens to him since to everyone he’s a monster and Kai all wants is for someone to love him and care for him and not be bother that he is half demon. So one day Kai decided to go out for a walk in the forest to get his mind off of things and while he was walking he didn’t know was watching him as someone has a pair of blue with pink streak cat like eyes. Kai continues walking through the forest when he heard a flock of bird squawking at something and Kai goes to see of what that was about as he arrives in a clearing; he spots a flock of bird attacking a small coral snake. Kai ran up to the birds in shooing them away and the birds flew away as they were gone. Kai looks down at the coral snake as it was a full grown one and the coral snake looked badly injured as Kai then picks up the coral snake very gently and Kai said, “Don’t worry I’ll take care of you.” He then takes the coral snake back to his place to take care of the injuries. Kai brought the coral snake into his house and starts to take of its injury and Kai decides to take care of the snake till the snake was completely healed.

~Time skip to snakes slithering across the screen~
It’s been several months since Kai has been taking care of the injured coral snake and the coral snake was completely healed as Kai decides to take the coral snake to the forest tomorrow as Kai was currently feeding the coral snake some mouse. Kai finished in feeding the coral snake as he said, “Well you’re getting better and that’s a good so tomorrow I’ll take you back home to the forest, little fella.” The coral snake had finished swallowing the mouse as the coral snake flicks its fork tongue as the coral snake then slither up to Kai and slithers onto his neck and then starts to gives Kai kisses on his cheek with his fork tongue flicking on his cheek as Kai chuckles and said, “That tickles.” Kai then pets the snake on its head and Kai smiles as he said, “You know I’m glad that I had someone to be with me since no one doesn’t want to be near because of what I am.” The coral snake gives Kai kisses again with his fork tongue and Kai chuckles and said, “You know if you were a human I would love to be with you forever and ever.” Kai pets the coral snake as he didn’t know that the coral snake actually understood and then Kai looks outside and said, “Well it’s getting late, let’s hit the shower and go to bed.” The coral snake stayed of his shoulder as Kai goes to the bathroom and when he got to the bathroom. Kai starts to take of his clothes as the coral snake slithers off and gets in the shower as Kai was completely naked as he gets in; turns on the shower as he and the coral snake. Kai and the coral snake continues shower as Kai was now cleaning the coral snake as Kai had finishes giving himself a shower. When Kai finished giving the coral snake a shower, Kai then turns of the shower, and grabs a (f/c) towel as he dries himself off and then uses a small towel for the coral snake as he gently dries it off. Kai then puts on his (f/c) pajama shirt and pants as the coral snake slithers up to his neck and when Kai was finished in getting dressed. Kai walks to his bedroom as the coral snake was still on his neck and when he gets to his bedroom, he opens the door, walks in as he closes the door behind him, he walks over to his bed as he climbs in, and he lies down as he gets in the covers as the coral snakes slithers off his neck and onto the pillow next to Kai. Kai smiles as he closes his eyes in going to sleep as the snake goes to sleep as well.

Kai continues to sleep as several hours pass and the coral snake wakes up and suddenly it starts to change as the Coral starts to get bigger; the color of the snake starts to change to pink, blue, and light blond. He was the size of a human, half of the coral on the top starts to change into more human as the lower half stays as the way it is as a snake as wings that are dragon wings appears on his back and he finished changing as he has light blond messy hair, claw hands, blue eyes with pink streaks in them as his pupil was cat like, and he has fangs as he flicks his tongue at Kai as he smiles. The Dragon Naga name Oliver Kirkland looks at Kai as he smiles and gently places his claw hand on Kai cheek as he gently stroke his cheek and into his hair as he gently wraps his coils around Kai’s body. Kai was still asleep as snuggles against his coils and Oliver smirks as he then cups Kai’s cheek; Oliver leans down to Kai as he places his lips onto Kai’s lips. Oliver smirks as he flicks his fork tongue as Kai moans in opening his mouth as Oliver took this chance in pushing his fork tongue into his mouth. Kai moans at the sudden feeling as the opens his eyes in seeing a man that he didn’t know was kissing him and then man pulls away and Kai gets a better look of him as his eyes widen he goes to sit up, but he couldn’t move as he looks in seeing that he was wraps in a snake’s coil and he looks in seeing where the snake was and is eyes widen again when he finds it connect to the man; Kai said, “Wh-Who are you and what are you?” “Shhhh, don’t be afraid, poppet. I won’t hurt you I have been watching for a long time and my name is Oliver Kirkland as I am a Dragon Naga, which is half human, half dragon, and half snake for the Naga part.” Oliver said and Kai didn’t know of what to say as Kai said as Oliver places his hand on Kai’s cheek, “Okay then, what do you want from me? Is it the coral snake that was here?” “No poppet, but for you I have decided to choose you as my mate, poppet.” Oliver said as Kai’s eyes widen and said, “Y-Your crazy, why me.” “I have seen of how you lived most of your life and of how people treat you in your village and I know that you want to get away from here and I know that you’ve always wished to be someone that will care and love you in not being bother of your other form, Kai.” Oliver said and Kai didn’t know of what to say as then Oliver smirks; said, “Well until then, poppet.” After Oliver said that, Kai’s eyes become heavier as he then goes to sleep, and the last thing he sees is Oliver smiling at him.

Kai wakes up the next morning as he immediately sits up as he looks around as he spot the Coral snake on the pillow already awake; he looks around in seeing Oliver not there as Kai said, “Just a dream.” He goes to lie back down on his bed in trying to calm down, but it was cut short when he saw some sort of crystal that was a necklace on his night stand, and he immediately sits up as he grabs it as the crystal is pink and blue as it was a shape of a snake’s scale. Kai was trying to figure out of what did this mean when he remembered of what Oliver said about becoming his mate. Kai then starts to think as the coral snake slithers up his back and around his neck as it wraps around; Kai looks at the coral snake and said, “Oh yeah I almost forgot about you. Today I’ll take you back to the forest.” Kai then gets out of bed and changes his clothes back to his clothes that he was yesterday since he doesn’t have much to wear. So after Kai was done getting dressed, he gets his stuff together as he puts on the necklace, and once he got his stuff together, he leaves his place with the coral snake wrapped around his neck and heads on out to the forest. Kai continues to walk as he arrives to the forest and walks as he was going to find a perfect place the coral snake to live at.

Kai continues to walk for many hours with the coral snake around his neck, he continues to walk as he was in a deeper part of the forest and he decides to take break as he sits on a log in taking break as he takes his sandwich out of the bag and starts to eat as the coral snake stays put as Kai would feed it some mice that he kept in the bag just in case. Kai finish eating as he then drinks his water that he brought in a bottle and then he pours a little in hand and lets the snake drink it from his hand as the snake starts to drink. Once the snake finished drinking, the snake looks at Kai and Kai looks at the snake back as he then notice the eyes and said, “You know I think its time I give you a name before I let you go and your eyes reminds for the Naga Dragon I met in my dream, so I’m going to name Oliver Kirkland. Do you like it?” The snake then starts to flick it tongue and gives Kai kisses and Kai chuckles and said, “I’ll take that as a yes then, Oliver.” Kai then pets Oliver on his head as he smiles and then Kai gets up; starts to walk once more for to find place for Oliver to live. Kai continues to walk as he then arrives to a clearing as it looked the a perfect place for Oliver and said, “Well here we go, this will be your new home as no birds won’t bother you hear, Oliver.” Kai then helps Oliver to get off of his neck and then sets him down on a rock that was just being hit by sunlight and Kai gently sets Oliver down as he said as he pets Oliver, “Now you be careful and take care of yourself. Bye.” Kai then leaves the clearing in leaving Oliver behind as he wasn’t unaware that Oliver smirks and starts to change.

Kai continues to walk back to his village as he arrives back to the village gate, but when he did it was closed and he goes to try to open it as it wouldn’t budge as then decides to use his demon form as his horn, bat like wings appear as claw appear on his nails, and tail appears as he other eye was now cat like and he tries to open it as he pulls and pulls, but it doesn’t budge at all as he doesn’t understand of what was going on as then suddenly. When he stops pulling on the gate suddenly his stuff was tossed over the fence and lands next him and Kai said, “What’s the meaning of this?!” “You must leave us for good as you are chosen by the Lord himself to be his mate as you now wear the Naga Scale Crystal! Now leave us!” The village elder said as the people, yelled in throwing sticks and rocks at him as he changes into his human form and he grabs his stuff and throws one of fireballs at them in making them stop as he said, “Fine if that’s what you want then fine and you all could have told me to leave instead of waiting I was gone! Good riddance to you all!” Kai then walks away with his stuff in tow as he doesn’t look back to his village as he wasn’t aware a certain someone was watching him as he then flies away. Kai continues to walk as he tries to find himself a new home for himself to live in as he was in the deeper part of the forest. Kai continues to walk as he then arrive to a clearing as there was a cliff edge as he walks over to look at over in seeing that it was hillside and then drops off. Kai was thinking of going that way in maybe flying down there in going to another path way. So Kai then changes his mind as he goes back the other way, but when he did all of the sudden the ground under his feet gives way as he falls through a sink hole, and he screams as he falls through. Kai then changes his demon form as he tries to fly back up, but the a huge rock falls and hits one of Kai’s wings in causing it to be broken as he screams in pain and Kai continues to fall till hits the ground hard as he lands on his back as he groans in pain as he couldn’t move and he looks up at the hole as he feel a least 10-15 feet high. Kai couldn’t move as he was in serious pain and with a broken wing it wasn’t much help. Kai lays there as he couldn’t get up and then he heard someone coming towards Kai. Kai tries to look as he was in so much in pain as he then said, “H-Hello, is someone there?” Kai couldn’t keep conscious any longer as his eyes become heavy and then his vision was cover in darkness as the last thing he hears is something slithering and hissing as the crystal starts to glow.

Kai slowly opens his eyes as he groans in pain as he tries to sit and he notice his broken wing all bandaged up. Kai then looks around as he finds himself in a cave with a waterfall on the other side as it was a spring as there was a small lake there and Kai notices a pile of berries and fruits in front of him. Kai’s stomach starts to growl and Kai then takes some of the berries and fruits and starts to eat. Kai continues to eat till the berries and fruits were gone and he was full as he then heard something slithering as he then felt a snake slithering down on his shoulder and he jumps a little in seeing an anaconda. Kai doesn’t move an inch till the anaconda got off of him and Kai sighs in relief, but then he felt move movement as he felt the wall moving…wait…the wall is moving? Kai freaks out as he back away and then felt something scaly wrap around him gently as a familiar voice said, “Easy, poppet, I’m not going to hurt you.” Kai looks up in seeing a huge Dragon looking at him as the lower half is a body of snake; Kai recognizes the colors anywhere and the eyes as Kai said, “O-Oliver?” “Yes it’s me, poppet.” Oliver said as he smiles in showing his fangs as he then changes the upper body of him in changing him back to a human as he reverts back to human size as Kai was surprised and said, “You’re the one that came to me in my dream.” “You could say that yes, poppet.” Oliver said as he leans down close to Kai and Kai was a bit scared when Oliver was up close to his face as he then gently places his claw hand against Kai’s cheek. Kai flinches at first as Kai then realize that his touch was very gentle and Kai looks at him as Oliver then gives him a lick with his fork tongue against his cheek as Kai shivers; Oliver pull away as he said, “Listen, poppet, very well of what I’m going to say. I don’t care if you’re a demon or human, no matter what happens you are you and that is not going to change it, poppet, because I love you with all of my heart.” Kai’s eyes widen when he heard that as he didn’t know of how to react as then Oliver pulls Kai into a kiss as he places his lips onto Kai’s lips. Kai didn’t expect this as his eyes widen and he tries to push him off, but Oliver was much stronger as Oliver continues to kiss him and then Oliver pushes his fork tongue into his mouth as Kai moans in the kiss. Kai felt like that he’s strength was being drained as Kai then starts to kiss him back as his heart was beating very fast and hard.

Oliver smirks in the kiss as he pulls away and gently stroke Kai’s cheek as Kai starts to blush as Oliver smiles and said, “Kai, I love you.” Kai doesn’t say anything as he was at loss of words and Oliver pulls him into a hug as he then said, “I love you, Kai.” Kai doesn’t reply back as he still was blushing and he slowly hugs him back. Oliver smiles as Oliver then pulls away and then said, “I’m very pleased to have you as mine as I was the one that gave you the Naga Scale Crystal and I want you to be my side. Since your my mate, poppet, in order to protect you when you sleep, you’ll be inside of me in my stomach. Do you understand?” Kai understood since he knew that there were probably other creatures out there besides Oliver and Kai said, “All right Oliver, I understand.” Oliver smiles as he backs away and transforms back into his true form of a Naga Dragon and he then carefully picks up Kai with his claw hand. Oliver then opens his mouth as wide as he could and he then gently places Kai into his mouth on top of his fork tongue. Oliver then closes his mouth carefully in so not to hurt Kai and then starts to lick Kai. Kai moans as he starts to blush darker red as Oliver smirks and moans in his taste as he then tilts his head up and swallows Kai as he places his fingers at his throat in feeling her going down his throat. Kai goes down into his throat as he moans in the feeling of getting hugs and kisses and then arrives into his first stomach as he gets up in looking around as it was actually nice as he lays down on his stomach muscle on his back as he listen to his breathing and hearting. Oliver smiles as he gently place his claw hand on his stomach and rub sit as he said, “Comfortable in there, poppet?” Kai felt Oliver’s hand as he rub back and said, “Yes I am, Oliver.” Oliver smiles as he said, “Lets gets some sleep since we’ll be together forever as you are now my mate, Kai.” Kai smiles and nuzzles against his stomach muscle as he closes his eyes in going to sleep and said, “Alright then, good night, Oliver.” “Good night, poppet.” Oliver said as he lies down on the ground on his stomach as he coils himself and goes to sleep and he then cross his arms on the floor and lies his head on his arms as he goes to sleep as this was the new start for Kai and Oliver.

~Time Skip to Snakes slithering and dragons flying across the screen~
It’s been a few years since Kai had become Oliver’s mate and Kai was out of Oliver’s stomach as he was Oliver as he was riding on his back as Oliver was collecting some herbs, berries, and fruits for something. So Kai wonder of what Oliver was going to do with the stuff as soon as Oliver finished gathering the stuff and they headed on back to the cave. They arrived back to the cave as Kai continues to sit on his back as he then said, “So Oliver, what are you going to use all that stuff for that you got?” “Well I’m making medicine and potions in case I need them for something or give them to someone else.” Oliver said and then Kai said, “You can do magic, Oliver?” “Yes I do, poppet.” Oliver said as he grabs Kai and sets him down on the ground and then said, “Alright hold your hand out, poppet.” Kai does what Oliver told him to do and then Oliver makes some butterflies appear out of thin air; then the butterflies fly down onto Kai’s hand as they landed on his hand as each of them turn into flowers of all sorts as they were all now flowers. Kai was amazed by this as he puts them in a vase, that appeared out of nowhere as Oliver smiles, and Kai said, “That was amazing, Oliver.” “You’re welcome, poppet.” Oliver said and Kai watches Oliver as he then starts to mix the stuff in making some potions and stuff; Kai then said, “Hey Oliver can you teach me some magic, I want to do the same things that you do in being your apprentice as well.” Oliver looks back at Kai as he was surprised in hearing this and then said, “Really, poppet?” Kai nods his head and said, “Yes and since you have been watching for a while before I came here you probably know some of my powers I that I know.” “Yes I do, poppet, but I will warm you these spells aren’t easy to let you know.” Oliver said and Kai nods his head in understanding and then Oliver starts to teach Kai by showing him the potions and medicines that he was currently making.

It’s been several months, since Kai started to learn some magic and potions and medicines by Oliver. Kai would often help Oliver in taking care of the snakes if they are sick or injured as Kai still had all to learn as Kai would often read some Oliver spell book in learning new spells in Oliver’s spell book room. So right now Kai was reading one of the spell as he finish reading the last page and he closes the book and he puts it back where it belong on the shelf. When he puts it back on the shelf, but when he accidently knocks down some of the others as they fall onto the floor as groans in frustration and he goes down in picking them up and putting them back, but as he was picking them up he finds a book that was different from the others as it had the title in a different language as it was something that he couldn’t read and so he takes the book to show it to Oliver as Oliver was in another room. Kai finds Oliver as he said, “Oliver there you are.” “Oh poppet, I thought you were still reading the spell books.” Oliver said and Kai said, “Yes I was and when I was putting the book I was reading up on the book shelf and some the books fell and I found this and I wondering if you knew of what it is.” Kai shows Oliver the book that he had found and Oliver’s eyes widen as he said, “That spell is not something for you learn, it’s basically to summon demons and other dark magic and you are not ready for that, poppet.” “But Oliver I’ve read almost every book you have.” Kai said and Oliver said in a stern voice, “No and that’s that, poppet.” Kai sighs and then walks back to the spell book room as he wanted to learn the new spells; so he makes a plan in taking the book in learning the spells without Oliver’s help.

As the days went on, Oliver had to go away to meet up with someone, and Kai took it a chance in taking the book as he turns into his demon form and takes the book; takes off flying out of the cave and goes somewhere far away. Kai continues to fly as he arrives up at the mountains far away from Oliver’s place as he lands on the top mountains and he sits down on the ground as he uses his unlocking spell incase Oliver had put a spell to lock it. Kai then opens the book as he starts to read the spells in the book and then he came across a page that read, ‘Demon of Apocalypse’ he starts to read as he was curious about it and he wanted to try this spell out. So he then decides to make the diagram of it as he uses his sharp nail and starts to draw the diagram on the ground. Kai finishes the diagram and then starts to chant the spell and the diagram starts to glow. After Kai finished the chant the ground continues to glow and then he heard a familiar voice said, “Poppet what have you done?!” Kai looks to his Oliver in his human form and Kai looks at Oliver and he was about to say something when all of the sudden a dark mist like comes out of nowhere and it encases Kai as he screams in pain and Oliver screams for Kai as he tries to get him out of there, but it was too late as the dark mist explodes as Oliver puts his wings out in protecting him as the mist clear, and Oliver said as he looks at Kai a she was completely different as he looked more like a demon as he has black messy hair with blue highlights down to his shoulders, rams horn on both sides on his head, blood red cat like eyes, he has four wings two are bat like wings and the other two are dragon like wings, he wears a black leather jacket with chains on it, black pants that wear torn, he wears black shoes, his nails wear like claws, and as he smirks in showing his fangs as he has pointed ears. Oliver looks at him as he knew that Kai he knew was gone as the demon in front of him chuckles and said, “Ah~ It good to be finally free and this new body will do nicely.~” “Apocalypse, give me back my poppet!” Oliver said as he knew of who it was immediately and the demon just chuckles; said, “Oliver, it’s so good to see you again and I have to say thank you for this new body for after you destroyed my real body as I now nothing more than mist and shadow.” “That body isn’t yours to have. Now let my poppet go!” Oliver said as Apocalypse chuckles and said, “I don’t think so, Oliver as I’m going to start of what I was going to do years ago.” Apocalypse then starts to make his hands start to cover in mist and shadow as he then said, “And I think I’ll start with you~” Oliver was ready to defend himself when the Naga Scale Crystal starts to glow brightly in causing Apocalypse to freeze as he couldn’t move at all as he said. “Wh-What’s going on?” “Poppet?” Oliver said as then a spirit of Kai appears in standing in front of Apocalypse with his arms out and said, “Oliver please you must stop him I can’t hold him off much longer, please Oliver.” “Poppet…all right then.” Oliver said as he then starts to chant the sealing spell as Kai looks at him as a single tear falls and said, “Oliver thank you for everything that you have done for me and I-” Kai was cut off as then the seal starts as dark purple chain like appears and wraps around Apocalypse completely as the spirit of Kai disappears and Apocalypse was then pulled underground as Oliver couldn’t bear to look as he continues the chant till Apocalypse was completely underground as Oliver places the seal over the summoning seal to keep him locked away and Oliver starts to cry; said, “D-Don’t worry poppet I promise that I will save one way or another. I love you, poppet.” Oliver then leaves as he transforms into his Dragon Naga form and flies away in never looking back.

~Time Skip as Snakes and Dragons fly and slithers across the screen~
It’s been several years since Kai had to be sealed away with Apocalypse and Oliver was still staying at his place as he would fight anyone who would try to take his territory or makes fun of Kai. Right now Oliver was over at a friend’s place as his name is (Grandpa’s name) and he has a Grandson that he took in as his own as his name is (Male!Name) as he was in his half form as he has his Naga body and dragon wings out with horns and claws as well as sharp fangs. Oliver was badly hurt as the inside of his mouth was bleeding as he had a cut on his gums and while he was waiting a small child walks over to him as Oliver looks and said, “Oh hello there, you must be (Male!Name)?” “Yes I am, but how do you know my name, what are you and who are you? I never had seen a creature like you.” (Male!Name) said and Oliver smiles as he reminds him a lot of Kai when he asked him that and said, “Well my name is Oliver Kirkland and I’m a Naga Dragon half human, half Naga, and half Dragon; your Grandpa has talk to me a lot about you.” (Male!Name) went up closer to Oliver as he was amazed as he said, “So I’m guessing your hurt?” Oliver nods his head and opens his mouth in showing his injury and (Male!Name) said, “Ouch.” It wasn’t too long after till (Grandpa’s name) came with the medicine and then applies the medicine onto his gums and (Male!Name) said, “You’re not going to hurt him are you?” “No I’m not, this medicine will help him.” (Grandpa’s name) said as he continues to apply it on as the medicine starts to heal his wound and Oliver lick his gum where the injury was and Oliver said, “Thank you.” “Your welcome and (Male!Name) could you get more herbs while me and Oliver talk for a moment.” (Grandpa’s name) said and (Male!Name) nods his head as he leaves into the forest; when he was gone Oliver smiles and said, “He’s a good kid just like…poppet.” “Yes and I’m sure that you’ll get him back soon, Oliver.” (Grandpa’s name) said and then Oliver said, “So what will happen to (Male!Name) if something happens to you because I know you won’t be around him forever.” “Yes I know that is why I want to you to take care of him for a while and-” (Grandpa’s name) was cut off when they heard screaming and not too long after Jason F. Jones who is a Dragon appears in his human with (Male!Name) in his arms unconscious in his arms badly beaten up and Oliver said, “Jason, what happened?!” “(Male!Name) was ganged up by a bunch of brats and beaten him and I happened to be in the area and helped him out; he called me the Angel of Darkness.” Jason said as (Grandpa’s Name) run up to him and takes (Male!Name) out of his arms and takes him inside of the cabin and then Jason looks at Oliver and said, “So everything been doing alright with you, Oliver?” “Yes just came to get medicine and (Grandpa’s name) had just asked me to watch (Male!Name) for a while if something happens to (Grandpa’s name).” Oliver said and (Grandpa’s name) came out and said, “Jason thank you for helping (Male!Name).” Jason nods his head and said, “You’re welcome and I wasn’t going to let those brats to hurt him.” “Jason I need you to do one thing for me before I leave (Male!Name).” (Grandpa’s Name) said and Jason said, “Alright what is it?” “I want you to take care of (Male!Name).” (Grandpa’s Name) said and Jason smirks and said, “Sure no problem and after Angel of Darkness has a nice ring around it and I will do more than that as I will make (Male!Name) my mate.” “I was hoping you would since that what I wanted you to do, Jason.” (Grandpa’s name) said and Jason nods his head as he transforms into his dragon form and goes to the cabin and watch (Male!Name) as Oliver smiles but in truth he still misses Kai and (Grandpa’s name) said, “Well I’m glad everything is alright now even for (Male!Name). So until then please watch over (Male!Name) till he goes to Jason.” “I will like if he was my poppet.” Oliver said and then he slithers away as he knows what must happen for right now till he gets his poppet back and that’s to take care of (Male!Name).

~Time skip to Snakes and Dragon going into the screen in causing it to break~
Another several years has passed and (Male!Name) was now Jason’s mate as he was happy for them. Several months has passed as Oliver was minding his own business as he slithering around in his territory. He was slithering around when he suddenly felt an all too familiar presence as he flicks his fork tongue in smelling the air and he gasped as he then said, “Poppet?” Oliver slithers over there as fast as he could to get to where Kai or more like Apocalypse is at. Oliver slithers over as fast a she could as he finds Jason, Alfred, Ivan, and Nikolai screaming for their mates as went over to them to find out of what happened. After getting the information and running into Apocalypse once more after he took their powers and creature forms before Ladon, Liam’s dark half had explained of what was going, they all decided to go after Apocalypse as one by one they will stop to fight against one of their mates along the way to free them. They arrived to mountain, there was army waiting for as thankfully Ladon arrived to help them out at the bottom of the mountain and Nikolai and Oliver went to the top of the mountain where Apocalypse was sealed away along with Kai and when they got there, Nikolai was with him as he then had to fight against his mate. So Oliver was left to fight against Apocalypse as Apocalypse smirks and said, “So it’s just you and me now. Ready to lose again~?” “Not this time and this time I will not leave until I get my poppet back.” Oliver said and they start to fight as Oliver pulls out one of knifes and fights against Apocalypse as Oliver was getting the best of him without his Naga Dragon form as he starts with his knife as he cast one of his spells as it was a lighting spell as he dodge and then cast a fireball and throws it at him and Oliver smirks as Apocalypse screams in pain as he said, “Even if you took my powers I still have spells and poisons that I can use.” Apocalypse growls and charges at him again as Oliver dodges and Oliver uses his mind reading spell as he said, “Poppet can you here? Listen I know your still there, but listen when Apocalypse drops his guard find a chance to get out of him!” Oliver then stops using his spell as he continues to fight as he uses one of poison as it slows his stamina and Oliver smirks as he knew that he was going to win. Just as when Nikolai was able to save Liam and the others arrived with their mates, but then Apocalypse combines their powers in becoming four headed Dragon Naga.

When that happened, Kai who was inside of Apocalypse inside of Naga Scale Crystal after Apocalypse took over his body as Kai was thankful that he had learn the Making Life spell when he was only a spirit in case this will happen as he was able to make himself a new body that he used to have before Apocalypse took over. Kai was able to look and see Oliver along with the others and their mates as he tries to get their attention in showing them of where he was when Apocalypse started to attack them and then Kai saw Oliver dodge as Kai then screams Oliver’s name. when that happened it was like their heart were connect as the Naga Scale Crystal starts to glow brightly as this was the opening that Oliver need as he and Arthur were able to get him out in using the reborn spell as they manage to get Kai out. After they got Kai out, Arthur, Oliver, Liam and Kai combined their power of spells in creating a more powerful sealing spell as they were able to seal Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen as Oliver, Jason, Alfred, and Nikolai were able to their powers and their true forms back. Once Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen were sealed away as Arthur stabs his staff into the ground as the others help to do a spell of destruction and Arthur pulls out his staff as Jason picks up Oliver and Kai as everyone else grabbed their mates and take off flying as the mountain was destroyed as Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen were destroyed once and for all.

They all went to Nikolai’s cave as it was the closet place to stay for the night as they all landed on the cave entrance and walk in; Jason sets Oliver and Kai down as they walked in. Once they were inside of the cave, Oliver takes Kai to another part of the cave as Nikolai allowed them to stay for the night in his home. Oliver turns into his half Naga and half Dragon form as he still was human on the upper half of him. Oliver had picked up Kai bridal style and Kai blushes as Oliver chuckles and they arrived into the extra cave as it was a small nest and Oliver slithers into it as he carefully places Kai down on the nest as Oliver leans down to him and wraps his coils around him in making him comfortable. Oliver then starts to cry and pulls him into a hug; said, “I’m so glad your back, poppet. I missed you so much.” Kai was surprised by this suddenly as Kai hugs him back and he starts to cry as he said, “I’m so sorry, Oliver. I should have listened to you.” “It’s okay, poppet, but don’t he’s gone for good as he won’t be coming back at all as neither will the Four Horsemen. You’re safe.” Oliver said and Kai then pulls away; suddenly pulls Oliver into a kiss as he then said, “I-I love you Oliver. After everything that has happened, Oliver.” “Is this what you wanted to tell me, poppet, before I sealed you away?” Oliver said and Kai nods his head and then Oliver pulls Kai into another kiss as Kai kisses back as Oliver pushes his fork tongue into his mouth as Kai moans in the kiss. They pull away and Kai looks at Oliver as he said, “Can I-I be inside of you again like you used to for me?” “Yes I will poppet.” Oliver said as he transforms into his true form and then carefully picks Kai up with his claw hand. Kai was sitting on his hand and then Oliver open his mouth as wide as he could and brings Kai into his mouth as Kai climbs into his mouth as he was careful with his fangs. Kai was now inside of his mouth as he sits on his fork tongue and then Kai felt Oliver moves his tongue as Kai moans as he knew that Oliver was tasting as he heard Oliver moans. Oliver moans in Kai’s taste as Oliver then tilts his head back and swallows him as he places his claw fingers on his throat as he felt Kai going his throat. Kai moans in the feeling of his throat as he slides down with ease as he then enters inside of his stomach and Oliver’s stomach muscle encases him a she moans as he missed this feeling, Kai felt Oliver’s hand as Kai rubs back and Oliver smiles as he then lies down on top of his stomach and crosses his arms in laying his head on his arms and he coils himself. Kai smiles as he really did miss this feeling and listening to Oliver’s breathing and heart beating as he heard Oliver said, “I can tell that you’re comfortable, poppet.” “Yes I am.” Kai said and Oliver said, “Why don’t you get some rest since after all you had a very long day, poppet?” “Okay good night, Oliver, and I love you.” Kai said and Oliver said, “Good night, poppet, and I love you, too.” Oliver then closes his eyes in going to sleep as Kai does the same as he closes his eyes in going to sleep as he listening to his breathing and hearting as they finally together as Oliver was right for thing for sure, his mate is certainly a cutie as Kai was finally his after for so long as his mate for all eternity.

The Naga's Mate is a Cutie (Vore)
Another dream fanfic hope you enjoy it

if you don't like vore and Yaoi then don't read

I don't own hetalia, 2P!Hetalia, the characters, and the image

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Cuba: Who?
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Ukraine: She's like a sister to me. I love her to death!

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America: I think she's great!! Hanging out with her is fun! She even accompanies me to every fast food restaurant I want to go to! We do the craziest stuff together like bungee jumping or sky diving!
England: Such a crazy girl! Always hanging out with this idiot America! Realy annoying and now let me drink my tea!!!
France: She's so beautiful~ And she's not that quiet and maybe I should *you may smack him in the face now*
Germany: Hmm...she always abets Italy to skip training and is very loudy...I guess I don't like her....
Russia: Strong and interesting girl...*purple aura appears*...I should ask her if she wants to become one with me.....kolkolkol....
North Italy: Ve~ I like Onee-chan very much. She's funny and always helps me to escape from Germany's training~ *evil glance from Germany*
China: I don't care about her that much. She seems to be ok but a little weird...
Japan: I'm a little scared of second she appears behind your back and the next she's gone!

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