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One's Dark Past Can be Broken Ch. 1 Pt. 3 (Final) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 0 6
Mature content
One's Dark Past Can be Broken Ch. 1 Pt. 2 :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 0 0
Mature content
One's Dark Past Can Be Broken Ch.1 Pt.1 :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 1 0
Mature content
I need to find them no matter what (Pt. 2 Final Vo :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 2 0
I need to find them no matter what (Pt. 1)
I need to find them no matter what (Pt. 1)
Naga!Junjo RomanticaxSnake!Male!ReaderxNaga!Sekai Ichi Hatsoukoi
It’s been a year since had become Kyo’s, Yuu’s, and Haruhiko’s mate and also becoming Hiroki’s little brother as well. (Name) would still go visit his Grandpa Shinoda and sometimes visit Nowaki and Hiroki if they weren’t busy. (Name) had just woken up as he finds himself wrapped in Haruhiko’s, Kyo’s, and Yuu’s coils as they live in a cave on the other side of the forest. (Name) was trying to figure on how to get out without waking them up and (Name) starts to wiggle out as he manages to get out of their coils, but then just when (Name) was about to get up. A hand grabs (Name)’s wrist and pulls (Name) back down as he was then pinned by this  and they said, “Good morning, going somewhere, (Name)?” “G-Good morning and no I was just getting up to stretch is all.” (Name) said as the three smirk as
:iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 4 2
Mature content
How do I handle this (Pt. 2-Final Vore) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 5 4
How do I handle this (Pt. 1)
How do I handle this?! (Pt. 1)
Naga!Junjo RomanticaxMale!ReaderxNaga!Sekai Ichi Hatsoukoi
(Name) is a boy with (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, he wears a (f/c) shirt and pants as he lives with his older brother Kirishima Zen along with his daughter Hiyori Kirishima, but there is something different from (Name) and her brother and niece as that they are Nagas. Zen’s lower half was a body of snake as the coloration is a color is brown with light brown underbelly and black speckles. Hiyori’s lower half is a body of a snake with the coloration of brown with light brown speckles and a black underbelly. (Name) was really adopted by Zen after (Name)’s Grandma passed away several years ago when (Name) was just (age) years old as (Name) is now (age) years. (Name)’s Grandma was very ill when she passed as her last words to (Name) was to find Kirishima Zen that lived in forest and thankfully (Name) was able to find him or more like Zen found him; Zen immediately takes (Name) in in
:iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 9 0
The Choice is Mine to Make
The Choice is Mine to Make (Epilogue)
It’s been several weeks since the incident as (Name) was glad that STARISH, HEAVENS, and Quartet Night were as Xemnas and Sephiroth were able to bring them back to life, but (Name) wasn’t sure of how to explain of the marking and (Name)’s relationship with Xemnas and Sephiroth. (Name) was in his room in thinking of what was Shining Saotome and Raging Otori was going to do now since Raging Otori found out that he is his son; (Name) wasn’t sure of what to do at the moment. (Name) has been staying in his room the whole time as they were on the private island still as they didn’t need anyone to know of what happened on that day. (Name) had curled himself in his lap against the wall on the bed and then (Name) heard a knock on the door as (Name) said, “Who is it?” “It’s Camus as Saotome-san and Otori-san wants to see you about the incident.” Camus said from the other sid
:iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 8 4
Mature content
Taki...Meat (Vore-Lime) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 5 20
My Beloved Sunflower
My Beloved Sunflower
2P!Dragon Naga!RussiaxMale!Hermaphodite!Reader
Once upon the time, there was kingdom where it’s cover in lush green field and forest far beyond with tall mountains. There was prince who is unkind and uncaring; all he cared about was himself and no one else around him, but one night. It was a harsh stormy night, there was a loud knocking sound heard at the doors, the prince answers the door as a old beggar woman was there with a single sunflower, and the prince wasn’t pleased with the gift as the prince was repulse of her appearance, but the beggar warned him not to be fooled by appearance, and the prince turned her down twice. The beggar’s appear melted away in revealing a beautiful enchantress and the prince tried to plead for forgiveness, but the Enchantress could see that there was love with him so she transformed him into what he truly is a monster and all who lived in his kingdom. The sunflower that she had offered was an enchanted one and sh
:iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 15 30
Mature content
Sweden's new way on warming up his Wife (Vore) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 4 6
Mature content
Russia's New Friend and Lover (Vore) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 2 2
Mature content
I know where I need to go from here! :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 2 0
Mature content
Run, Run as Fast as you Can (Vore) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 4 0
Mature content
What's going to happen next from here?! :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 3 0
Mature content
All I ever wanted is to be Love (Lime-Vore) :iconslifofinadragon:SlifofinaDragon 7 4


Sweet Devil!America x Reader 7
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed

Chapter 7
Inner Demons
When you finally decided to leave your room, the twins were taking their after-lunch nap in the living room. You removed the Cosmopolitan from Arin’s chest and draped a blanket over Allen, who was slouching on the lazy boy. They were worried and tired and you were a horrible friend for not responding sooner, but sometimes emotions can just consume you before you could even think.
   You tiptoed to the front yard.
   There it was, the house that was supposed to be where black-haired Alfred lived. You recalled the twins telling you all about how it had been uninhabited for months, possibly years. You remembered black-haired Alfred’s smile and abnormal blue eyes. The hairs on your neck stood up and you blinked.
   When you opened your eyes, he was there. Black-haired Alfred loomed over you, looking talle
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 3 0
Mature content
Sweet Devil!America x Reader Epilogue :iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 3 0
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 8
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed

Chapter 8
You blinked. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You pinched your arm and asked yourself, Am I officially losing it?
   The text message was simple enough: Love, we need to talk. But there was one problem; the sender was from the recently deceased Arthur Kirkland.
   You thought back though, the news said that the only thing left in tact was the head and Arthur’s landlady confirmed his identity so there was no way it was a double. Plus his brothers already had his… parts cremated; you attended his wake last week in London accompanied by the twins.
   However, Arthur put a lock on his phone and you doubted that any of his estranged brothers knew, and he didn’t have a girlfriend (as far as you knew).
   It was a few minutes past two o’clock in the morning.
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 3 0
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 9
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed

Chapter 9
Arthur's Confession

   If you’re reading this letter then I’m already dead.
   Please don’t blame yourself, you are not at fault.
   I chose to help you. However, that’s not where my involvement starts.
   When I agreed to use that damned board on the night of your birthday, Arin and I ended up ‘summoning’ a low-level, shape-shifter type demon. An incubus. It just doesn’t feed on desire and sexuality, but on fear and sadness as well.
   I’m just guessing, but I think it took on the form of my deceased cousin, Alfred, because…
   That night… it wasn’t the first time I attempted to communicate with the dead.
   Alfred’s girlfriend, who is also a close friend of mine, had been depressed for months. The last time she saw Alfred, her last words to him w
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 3 1
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 6
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed
Chapter 6
The Message
Arthur was dead. You didn’t know how to deal with it, your friends kept trying to comfort you and even told your family so they would come to cheer you up, but you couldn’t “let go”. Not in the way they wanted you to. They assumed you and Arthur were involved… romantically. Of course, that’s not true. Arthur had a crush on you but you saw him no more than a friend. Now, you keep telling yourself that because of that friendship, he’s gone.
   How were you supposed to let go of that? It didn’t matter if you told people you blamed yourself for his death, they’d just tell you it wasn’t, but you knew deep inside that if it wasn’t for his generosity and your asking him for his help, he’d still be alive.
   You buried your head in your pillow, which was stained with tears e
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 4 0
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 5
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed

Chapter 5

Have You Seen Mister Kirkland?
You got out Allen’s car and dashed inside and up the building, fully knowing that your thighs were going to make you regret everything later.
   You stopped in front of Arthur’s door and lifted your fist.
   “Arthur, it’s me, there’s something we need to talk about”
   There was no reply.
   You knocked again, but your arm swung faster, more impatient.
   “Arthur. Arthur, let me in! Arthur!”
   You took out your phone and dialed his number, which you have committed to memory the day he agreed to help you.
  Ring… Ring…
   “The number you’re trying—“Dammit, Artie” You hiss
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 6 5
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 4
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed

Chapter 4
Old Friends

When the twins returned later that evening both were carrying convenient store umbrellas that have been mercilessly turned inside out, both siblings were wet from the tips of their hair down to the toes of their shoes.
   “F...” Arin shivered, dropping her umbrella and handing you the two soaked paper bags that were one mistake close to getting ripped apart.
   “The news didn’t say anything about a storm” you said, taking Allen’s bags after you set Arin’s down on the floor.
   Someone sneezes, it’s one of those ogre-like roars of a sneeze. You and Allen turned.
   Arin sniffed, “Fuck”
   “You guys dry up, I’ll cook” you offered them each a towel.
   “Thanks” Allen shrugged off his jacket and helped his sister out of hers “I’l
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 5 5
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 3

The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed

Chapter 3
The Devil Wears Jeans

“Morning, love”
   You stopped your pretend-studying (your head, at your current state, was not capable of comprehending a single word, let alone an entire text.) and got up to greet Arthur in a tight embrace “Arthur! It’s been so long since we last saw each other! How was England?”
   He chuckled and returned the hug, “Lovely, if not for my brothers being there”
   You laughed.
   He smiled, “And, not to sound rude, but I was surprised when you called me.”
   You pulled back, rubbing your palms together, “Well, I heard you just got back a week ago and I meant to call you earlier but—he laughed. “It’s all right, you don’t need to explain or anything. I’m just glad I got to see you again”
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 7 2
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 2
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed
Chapter 2

It's Not the House

“Oh, fuck.” 
   You had fallen asleep reading in the living room that night, Arin and Allen had left to attend a dinner party and you had the house all to yourself. You didn’t particularly like that, especially when you woke up to find your reading lamp flickering.
   You cursed inside your head over and over as you reached to turn it off. The moment your fingers grazed over the switch, lightning flashed followed by thunder.
   Now, on a normal night you wouldn’t have cared, but you were jumpy in the house and the sudden flash of light and bellow of the sky almost made your Batman shorts turn brown. The real kicker, however, was the shadow by the door.
   Letting out a brief but loud scream, you jumped up from the sofa—your boo
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 6 0
Sweet Devil!America x Reader 1
The Eyes at the Foot of the Bed
Chapter 1

A Year Later

“Okay, that’s the last of it” You gently put down the box labeled 'SHOES' and twist your torso in attempt to stop the aching in your back.
   “Dibs on the master bedroom!” Arin shouts, skipping up the stairs.
   “Hey, no fair!” You call back, but end up sighing knowing that it’s no use.
   “You can have the second biggest” Allen says as he passes you, holding a broom in his hands.
   “Really? Thanks, bes!”
   He shrugs and goes to clean the kitchen.
   You straighten your back and roll up your sleeves, glaring at the boxes and bags that lay around you “Okay, let’s do this”
   You bend down to pick up the heaviest box, which contains your textbooks and collection of novels.
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 7 0
Un Romance Roto |Yandere! Spain X reader| 13
Un Romance Roto |Yandere! Spain X reader| 13
You woke up in a daze, your face pressed to a warm body. His chest expanded slowly, up and down in time with the soft, hot breaths he exhaled and blew over your hair. You glanced up his resting face, eyelids shut with a satisfied smile curling at his lips. Yesterday was one of the best nights you've ever had, one of the most romantic next to your first time in that hotel room in Spain. That may have been fun, but you had other things to worry about. How did the interview go? 
Pressing your palms against his chest, you nudged him a little, successfully bringing some consciousness back to him. He opened his eyes and immediately stared back at you, entangling yourself in one of his inescapable embraces. He mumbled a low "five more minutes," before pushing your face into his chest again. Despite his husky voice from just awakening, it was already laced with unmatched cheerfulness. Seeing your face alr
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 13 3
Free My Heart - Chapter 12 (Zero Kiryu x Reader)
Chapter XII - A Vampire
“Alright, class.” The history teacher announced, “you are exempt from homework for an entire week!”
“Yes!” the whole class erupted in a loud cheer. “Finally!”
“Teacher? Uh… Are you feeling okay? You’re being too kind and generous, unlike your usual self. Are you sure you’re well?” Heinrich Rötger, one of the most troublesome students of your class asked in obviously fake concern, making the others laugh at his witty questioning.
The middle-aged teacher smiled almost too sweetly at the class: “Yes, I am perfectly fine, I can assure you. But, I do beg to disagree… I am always nice. You see, I realized that having you spend hours and hours on your own only to do homework is just so unfair and quite… tiring. So I, your awesome teacher, have come up with a brilliant idea to make your assignments more… well… entertaining.
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 10 12
Yandere!Levi x Reader Lock Pick to Your Heart P9
Yandere!Thug!Levi x Reader Part 9
Our first dinner under the survey corps consisted of: water, cold potato soup, stale bread, and a piece of dried meat. Levi took one bite and quickly spat it out.
    "This tastes like moose dick!"
    "Levi," I laughed and tried to calm him. "How do you know what moose dick tastes like?"
    "It's a figure of speech," he pouted.
Flagon joined our table, squeezing in between Levi and I.
    "I encourage you to do better," Flagon challenged.
    "You know what? I fucking will!" Levi marched off into the kitchen.
Fucking bastard.
    "Weren't there more of you earlier?" he leaned over, talking with his mouth full.
    "You should know. We're your responsibility aren't we?" Disgusting.
Where were Isabel and Furlan anyway?
Within a few minutes, Levi emerged from the kitchen with two plates. He set one down in front of me and one for himself. 
Levi is an amazing cook. E
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 12 4
Yandere!Levi x Reader Lock Pick to Your Heart 8
Yandere!Thug!Levi x Reader Lock Pick to Your Heart 8
Oh hell no, he did not just touch my man. Alright porn-stache, you're going down. While Blondie had his back turned, I jumped on porn-stache's back. He tried to buck me off but I held a knife to his throat.
    "I wouldn't if I were you."
    "Who the hell are you?" Erwin asked.
    "I think I'll be the one asking the questions right now." I pulled back 'stache's head. "Survey corps, huh?" I observed. "How about you start off by untying my friends."
Blondie held his hands up in defeat, and untied everyone.
    "What are your names and why are you here?" I demanded.
    "I am Erwin Smith and this is Mike Zacharius," Blondie answered.
He seemed reluctant to tell the rest.
    "You obviously didn't come here just to harass us. I repeat, why are you here?" I pushed the blade further onto Mike's neck.
    "We're here to recruit them!" Mike blurted.
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 12 4
Important- Aoba x Male!Reader (Chp.2)

Chapter 2: Let Me Help You

"My sister."
Aoba was silent. To be fair, he didn't expect an answer like that. Just the look in your eyes seemed so... sad.
"Why do you... want to find her?" He didn't even realize those words flew out of his mouth.
You sighed. He instantly realized what he said, and tried to defend himself.
"S-sorry, I didn't-"
You cut him off, "No, no, it's fine. You saved me, so I do owe it to you."
"You don't have to-"
You looked at him, "But I want to tell you,"
... He finally nodded.
"Let me start by saying; I never knew who my parents were. My sister was the one who took care of me, and she never told me who mom and dad were, all she said is that they didn't want us anymore. We lived on the streets, she would... sell herself to get money for us," You looked at your hand. "not having anywhere else to go when I was 18, I stayed with her and tried to make whatever money I could. But... before I knew
:iconweirdcereallord:weirdcereallord 6 0
Important- Aoba x Male!Reader (Chp.1)

Chapter 1: A New Face Means a New Chapter

After the situation with Toue and Platinum Jail, Aoba thought his life was going to be easy now. Ren woke up in the hospital in Sei's body, a year after it was all over. It took a while for Ren to adjust to being human, but Aoba was by his side through it all. He welcomed Ren home with open arms, and was overcome with joy when Ren could finally come home. Tae was surprised about it all, but of course she would adjust.
Mink was still gone, Koujaku was still cutting hair, Noiz was still an information maniac and Clear was still as innocent as ever.
 Everyone thought that was it, and they would live the rest of their lives in peace...
But they were wrong.
There was still someone without a happy ending, without answers.
That would be you, (M/N) (L/N).
You male of about 24, you had (H/L) (H/C), the tips of your hair was purple (you were born with it), you
:iconweirdcereallord:weirdcereallord 7 1


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I just found that that it wasn't my friend that I lost I saw the news and when I saw the picture it wasn't him and so I am relieved by this but I still feel sorry for his family that lost him, so I pray for his friends and family.



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i am a huge anime fan i do anime art.
i do fanfictions from fluffy to vore, but im against in killing my characters or readers i only do implied dead where they are something else like a ghost, demon, naga, and so on.
i a lot of art works from animes to nebulas in painting.

The creative one!
Italy: She and I paint and draw a lot -blush- sometimes she even sings to me.
Germany: Not the smartest person ever, but she can see somethings that others would over look.
Japan: -blush- Her art is wonderful! She's so talented I love her work!
America: Yeah, she's pretty hot. She's always dancing and singing. She's loads of fun!
England: -blush- She's helping me improve on my recipes. She writes stories for me personally, she's harder-
France: One time the two of us went to a club and you should have seen her dancing! -sigh- Elle est si belle!
Russia: I admire her work, she's visited several times. -slight blush- I'd like her to become one with me, da. But that won't happen for a bit longer.
China: She's beautiful! -blush- I-i mean her artwork!
Canada: She said hi to me once. -blush- I don't see her very much but when I do I can't help but smile.
Switzerland: She's okay -blush-
Liechtenstein: She's teaching me some more dance moves this week! Oh I'm so excited! She's so much fun!
Austria: -Blushes a deep red- Her music is wonderful. Sometimes we'll spend all day together. I'll play music to her and she'll sing to me. -blushes even more- We've even danced together before.
Hungary: -glaring- She's getting FAR too close to Mr. Austria!
Estonia: -blush- ...she's really pretty...
Lithuania: She's really talented, you should see her paintings!
Poland: She's like okay~. But she says me painting my house pink was like tacky~! But like what does she know~?!
Cuba: Who?
Belarus: ...I like her singing...
Ukraine: She's like a sister to me. I love her to death!

Friends: Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Liechtenstein, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine
Enemies: Hungary
Love interest: Italy, Japan, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia

Hyper, adventurous & comunicative
You like meeting people, parties and having fun. You are a person who wants to see and try everything and your motto is NO RISK, NO FUN!!!

America: I think she's great!! Hanging out with her is fun! She even accompanies me to every fast food restaurant I want to go to! We do the craziest stuff together like bungee jumping or sky diving!
England: Such a crazy girl! Always hanging out with this idiot America! Realy annoying and now let me drink my tea!!!
France: She's so beautiful~ And she's not that quiet and maybe I should *you may smack him in the face now*
Germany: Hmm...she always abets Italy to skip training and is very loudy...I guess I don't like her....
Russia: Strong and interesting girl...*purple aura appears*...I should ask her if she wants to become one with me.....kolkolkol....
North Italy: Ve~ I like Onee-chan very much. She's funny and always helps me to escape from Germany's training~ *evil glance from Germany*
China: I don't care about her that much. She seems to be ok but a little weird...
Japan: I'm a little scared of second she appears behind your back and the next she's gone!

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